The Voyager wins Overall Excellence, and 25 awards!

Voyager also wins 2nd Place for Distinguished Journalism Award

Editors-in-Chief, Alex Mackle and Hayley Beluch (center) with Managing Editor Julia Dodd hold award after ceremony at Rutgers.

At the Garden State Press Association at Rutgers on Monday, October 30th, the staff of The Voyager earned Overall Excellence in the State of New Jersey. 

The staff also garnered 25 awards, including,

1st place to Junior Shreya Gowda and Ben Forsman for news writing

1st place to Senior Alex Mackle for Layout and Design

1st place to Hayley Beluch for Editorial Cartooning


1st place to Jared Gans for Column writing for Boy Meets Gov.


2nd Place in New Jersey for Distinguished Journalism Award

2nd Place in Layout and Design: Lauren Casole

2nd Place in Reviews and Entertainment: Cyrena Kokolis

2nd Place in Columns: Diya Goyal

2nd Place in Opinion: Hana Hancock

2nd Place in Sports Writing: Allana Beckman

2nd Place in Newswriting: Nancy Bowne

Third Place in Layout and Design: Staff

Third Place in Editorial Cartooning: Sakshi Sehrewat

Third Place in Photography: Nancy Bowne

Third Place in Newswriting: Hana Hancock

Third Place in Newswriting: Alex Mackle

Third Place in Opinion: Jen Glass

Staff: Honorable Mention in Editorial Writing (2)

Sakshi Sehrewat: Honorable Mention in Art and Illustration

Natalie Powell: Honorable Mention in Reviews and Entertainment

Greg Giovaninni: Honorable Mention in Opinion

Allana Beckman: Honorable Mention in Sports Writing