Latin Club Inductions

  Twenty additional students were inducted into Latin Club in October. New members are initiated by the upperclassman, which makes it an enjoyable way to welcome new members. At the end of the ceremony, food and refreshments are provided.

  “We do a ritualized passage for the underworld and take a super secretive oath that is on the National Organization’s website,” said Latin teacher and club advisor Mr. Mercurio, humorously.

  According to Mr. Mercurio, the club’s busy season is spring. In April, students attend a state convention in Pennsauken where they have the opportunity to compete in contests from written Latin competitions to drama performances. Club members also compete in a jeopardy-style competition at Princeton University.

  Latin is an important subject because not only is it the root of all European languages, but it also teaches the foundations of western culture. “Latin gives students history and literature that they wouldn’t otherwise read,” Mr. Mercurio said.

 Caroline Mancini, a four-year member of Latin Club, enjoys the club and said it wouldn’t be the same without Mr. Mercurio. “He just adds a spark to the club and to his classes. His personality is what makes all of this so fun”.

  “I get the best kids in the school, so I love them,” said Mr. Mercurio.