Green Day releases two decades worth of power hits


Teen angst has plagued the adolescent years of man since the dawn of time. While the inexplicable emotions and constant aggression has been channeled into countless rebellious activities such as skateboarding, smoking, dying hair, and more, at the center of it all is the holy grail of angst: Punk music.

Generations of rebellious individuals have watched the acts come and go, but one band that remains a classic, and relevant today, is Green Day.

Formed in 1986, while all of the members were still in high school, the punk-driven trio has released an unbelievable quantity of chart topping hits, from “2000 light years away” to “Basket Case” to “American Idiot” to “21 guns” and back.

This November, the band paid homage to its glorious collection of songs in a greatest hits album titled “God’s Favorite Band”. It contains twenty-three tracks spanning throughout Green Day’s decades of releasing music.

Being sixteen years since their last official greatest hits compilation, International Superhits, the new release was overdue. God’s Favorite Band features eight of the songs on the original greatest hits album.

Listening to the music on the album, it is made evident that the classics from over twenty years ago haven’t aged a minute. The newer tracks, such as “Bang Bang” from 2016’s Revolution Radio album, showcase the band’s ability to adapt and improve with the punk genre.

Despite praise over the great variety of songs, there was one very common complaint following the release: not enough. Some fan favorites like “Jesus of Suburbia” and “King for a Day” felt missing from the compilation. However, this did not take away from the fantastic set list that made the cut for the album.

Among excitement for the release was the announcement that God’s Favorite Band would be featuring a brand new song entitled “Back in the U.S.A”. The politically inspired musicians did not hold back in expressing their thoughts about America’s current state in this single.

Known for being outspoken about his disdain for (most) politics, singer-songwriter Billie Joe Armstrong said in a Rolling Stone Interview, “I feel like the government is trying to create a culture war between us in a lot of ways. They’re trying to get between your average citizens based on red and blue”. This fueled writing the track.

Theses thoughts are expressed not only in the song, but in the bold music video. Without spoiling it, the video parallels tv sci-fi show They Live, takes direct shots at president Trump, and features the punk trio in classic fifties threads.

God’s Favorite Band is an excellent addition to Green Day’s body of work. Listening to it in its chronological order is a journey, watching the guys slowly refine the punk and pop-punk genres of music over time. Listening to it backwards is a splendid stroll down memory lane, moving back in time until the iconic early days of California’s local punk scene.

There is no wrong way to listen to Green Day. Available on Spotify, Apple Music, CD, DVD, and vinyl, God’s Favorite Band is out of reach to no one. The album is definitely a winner, anyone looking to rock out is encouraged to give it a whirl.