What we can all learn from Logan Paul’s mistake


Artwork by Kylie Easterday

  “With great power comes great responsibility.”

  Logan Paul certainly learned this lesson the hard way.

  On New Year’s Day, Paul, a daily vlogger, posted a video on his YouTube channel of a suicide victim’s body in Aokigahara, a forest in Japan known for its innumerable suicides every year, laughing and joking about the man as if he was nothing but a few limbs and some skin.

  This was met with enormous backlash from celebrities like Aaron Paul and other YouTubers like Anna Akana, who had suffered from losing a family member from suicide, especially due to the fact that the video was not demonetized.

  Paul makes thousands of dollars per posted video, so the idea that he was earning money through someone else’s devastation was a blasphemy to almost all.

  The truth of the matter is that Logan Paul, and many others like him, are creating a desensitized generation. With a demographic of mainly 8-12 year old children, he should be creating a safe yet fun space for his young audience. Instead, he’s promoting suicide and exploitation of sensitive topics.

  Paul is encouraging in them a desensitivity and lightness in serious subjects like suicide and depression. With the type of platform that he has, he could be doing much more to prevent these types of things from happening rather than making a joke out of them.

 We must consider the fact that he is a role model to his audience. Many of these unknowing children have a blind respect towards him. They worship him as if he is a god-like figure or an idol rather than simply an internet star. Because of their immaturity, they overlook the wrongdoings as a fan with the mindset that their savior can do no wrong, instead saying that they will be part of the “#Logang” forever.

 How will he influence young children to be better if he is a child himself?

  However much it may be Logan Paul’s fault, there is also something to be said about parents overlooking their children’s internet-oriented and sometimes dangerous interests. They blindly buy YouTuber merchandise and tickets to live shows without once asking their children who these “stars” are and what they stand for.

  The controversy surrounding Logan Paul is well-deserved, but is largely one-sided. We must remember that in the age of the internet and of open platforms like YouTube, there are no strict rules or regulations. We must rely on ourselves to create a system of checks and balances for each other.

  It is the only way to create a safe and, more importantly, sensitive world for the future generation.