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Ushering in a new age of ‘Duck and Cover’ Cold War kids

Artwork by Hayley Beluch

Artwork by Hayley Beluch

Hayley Beluch

Hayley Beluch

Artwork by Hayley Beluch

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A false emergency alert was sent out to the residents of Hawaii on Saturday, January 13th. Chaos ensued as the message caused a calamity; people scrambled to make necessary preparations for what they were led to believe was an impending end to their paradise.

People waited in bated breath for the 38 minutes until the alarm was rescinded and a message was issued, notifying residents of the mistake.

I can’t imagine the panic and sheer terror that must have swept the island as texts and calls were made to loved ones concerning final goodbyes. While an employee for the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency was meant to send out the alert for a routine drill and not a real crisis, the drill reminds us of just how immediate instantaneous destruction can be, with and without warning.

While people scrambled to hide, stocked up on water and food, or even buried their children in unfathomable ways to protect against the radiation, we are reminded just how swiftly action needs to be taken if an event like this was ever to occur.

And while Hawaii was in a state of panic, Trump golfed.

He golfed, he had lunch, he was briefed, and while the state of Hawaii was engulfed by a mass hysteria, the nation’s leader was swinging his clubs so he could get a hole-in-one.

Besides the fact that Trump has already spent a third of his presidency (more than a 100 days and counting) at his golf resort, Mar-a-Lago, we are reminded now more than ever how crucial negotiations are concerning IBMs and nuclear warfare.

He tweeted a statement on the explosive new book Fire and Fury before even addressing the events of Hawaii. Are we comfortable with this man sitting behind his desk with his “button” that he asserts is most certainly bigger than Kim Jong-Un’s, ready at the go?

He continually antagonizes and aggravates North Korea by belittling them, practicing some sort of twisted brinkage. Our president is supposed to protect us from destruction, not be the impetus for it.

America needs a leader who will be calm and diplomatic in the face of impending destructive threats from the heedless bully that is Kim Jong Un and North Korea. Instead of selfishly worrying about an expository piece of literature that one opposes in order to merely protect their fragmentation of a reputation, Trump should be worry about the people who thought their lives were about to end completely through sufferable and looming threats.

While the FCC promises an investigation into the incident and how it came to be, what about an investigation of our president’s mind and how sound it really is?

Gone are the days of courageous leaders in the face of looming doom as we usher in a new age of terror by destruction, while our leaders complicitly stand-by has arrived.


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Ushering in a new age of ‘Duck and Cover’ Cold War kids