Searching for colleges as the youngest sibling

Let’s all admit, being the youngest in the family sucks. Everyone puts their responsibilities on you, you get the last word, and older siblings use you as a scapegoat. However, you have the advantage when it comes to high school and college!

  I have a brother and a sister. One graduated from Temple University, and one is currently finishing her last year at Rutgers. My brother is 10 years older than me, and my sister is 7 years older than me. You’re probably wondering, “Wow Cynthia! That’s such a large age gap!”

  Yeah, I was an accident so that explains that.

   I’ve seen them go through picking colleges, going to class, and working part time jobs. It made me realize that no matter how much I hate them, they are going to help me with the reality of being an adult. They have always been grabbing student loans and getting financial aid, trying to get their lives together. It’s scary to imagine going through that; it feels like it’s too much to handle and it’s stressful. How would I even go through that?

  As I was sitting in Applebee’s with my brother and his friend, he said, “I wish I had a older sibling to help me with things like this,” and that really made me wonder, what would I do if I was the oldest one? It’s easy to be young and have everything essentially handed down to you.

  My brother went to Temple for his bachelor’s degree and is still working on his dream job. He enjoys writing scripts and filmmaking, which is one of the things that has influenced me. My dad doesn’t approve. Instead, he encourages me to not be like my brother, and to just focus on making money.

     My sister is currently in her senior year of college, a psychology major. She’s been working at Okimaki, along with various other jobs, for the past years. I see her struggle every night to get in her assignments after work. What sucks is that she doesn’t come out until eleven, but she still takes time to finish up school and then go to bed. It’s on repeat almost everyday. It really shows that it can be super stressful to be in college, especially if you’re working on a part time job.

  They showed me how to not worry about how I look or act and to not get bullied and mind my own business because that was the advice they wish they could’ve got when they were younger. Of course, they are like the coolest people I know. But there’s still one person that I know who helps me with high school and my overall life.

  My aunt graduated from Rutgers just last year. She’s working in the medical field and recently got a job! She has been working hard to find a job for the longest time and free loads off of others.

  Now, I can actually freeload the freeloader. She’s hardworking and studies even if she fails a test. She takes time to study in the library, or downstairs in her house. She’s funny and bright, and she teaches me a lot of things that are needed to be said during college.

  My family are all older than me by a milestone. They get to drive and buy food and hang out with friends, but they showed me the reality that not everything is fun and free when you’re an adult. You need to work hard for your own dreams by any means necessary.

  Take every piece of advice possible, even if it’s coming from someone who’s as annoying as my siblings.