Pressures of high school


Matt Steinsaltz

High schoolers these days face immense pressure to succeed on all fronts. We face pressure to get the highest grade and have the best resume possible. But why do we face these pressures?  College is the easy answer.

 As a high school student, I feel pressure from all sides. I feel it from friends, teachers, and mostly from my parents. Everybody wants me to be as successful as possible, but that comes with incredible pressure.

 If I get a bad grade on a test, I immediately think of my GPA and how that is going to be affected. I know that if my GPA is not great, then I will face a harder time getting into the colleges I want. Each grade from freshman year until the day I graduate is mushed together into a GPA, and I feel pressured to make sure that each grade helps to improve it.

 Grades are not the only things that I feel need to be strong. I feel pressured to make my resume the best it can be, even though I may not enjoy doing some activities, and I do them just for resume building.

 While I was on a trip to Israel, I talked to our Israeli tour guide who questioned our high school in America. He did not understand why Americans do activities just to boost their resume, and I agree with him.

What is the good in partaking in activities you do not enjoy just because you think it will look good come time to apply to college? Why do we take classes that are too hard for us, but think a lesser grade will look better because it is a high level class? Shouldn’t we be taking classes that we will succeed in and learn something in?

 The answer to all those questions is that colleges are looking for that. They want kids who take the harder classes and have strong resumes that may not actually reflect a person truly.

 My advice is to handle the pressures of high school by doing things you enjoy, taking classes you can succeed in, and to make high school a good memory.