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Seniors Applaud Influential Teachers

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Seniors Applaud Influential Teachers

History teacher Mr. David Isshak gets a pin to celebrate his five years of tecahing

History teacher Mr. David Isshak gets a pin to celebrate his five years of tecahing

Nancy Bowne

History teacher Mr. David Isshak gets a pin to celebrate his five years of tecahing

Nancy Bowne

Nancy Bowne

History teacher Mr. David Isshak gets a pin to celebrate his five years of tecahing

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Mr. D’Antonio

Mr.D knows how to get the class interested and involved; he gives the students a way to relate to literature. Unlike most classes, I actually learned material rather than just memorized it. He also stands out from most teachers because he genuinely shows the care he has for us, and taught us more than just book work but also about life. I appreciated his passion and completely genuine personality everyday.

– Drew Armour-Ordonez ‘18

Mr. Rizzo

He is very funny, amiable, and fatherly. He always does his best to make his students understand that school is not always about studying a lot and getting good grades for college and acclaim, but is an environment for making friends and having fun. The joke the class finds a classic is the chopper joke, hearing it makes us happy and willing to learn and supplement our minds with new knowledge. – Pranau‘18

Mrs. Jacoby

She is always an ear to listen and she’s always available when you need help. She’s very kind and she’s even helped me after I was no longer in her class! – Celeste ‘18


Ms. Porrini

As August 2017 rolled around, I began regretting my decision to sign up for Sociology Honors as I figured it was just going to be a Soapboxing 101 course about social injustice. To my surprise and content, Ms. Porrini threw my expectations on the figurative ground and stomped it into oblivion with a figurative boot. A combination of wit and informativeness made me feel like I was actually becoming smarter and more aware all while being unaware to the fact that I never blinked, as I was in anticipation for the next intriguing piece. Missing class actually felt like an encumbersome event. Please consider Mrs. Porrini for Teacher of the Century if not Teacher of the Year. Thank you for your consideration. – Ari Kantor


She truly loves her job and expresses that numerous times throughout her class. She explains how much she wants us to succeed and will help her students in any way to graduate. She has taught me many things that will help me make that step forward towards my college path. I nominate her because she left her mark this year and is unlike any teacher I’ve had throughout my Eastern experience. – Katelyn Mauri


Mr. Brescia

He doesn’t give up on his students. He truly cares about their experiences and success. He changes his students lives. – Rachel Necky ‘18

Mrs. Wojden-Smith

In all my years of being in school, science teachers have always been the most fun and interesting to me. However, Woj by far has been one of the most fun, engaging, and informative teachers I’ve ever had in general. The way she engages with us students and answers our specific questions adds to the feel of the learning environment, and her jokes every now and then are utterly hilarious. Overall, she is definitely one of the best teachers I’ve ever had the honor of being in their class. – Zackeyr Jones

Mr. Friedman

As a high achieving AP student, never have I had the pleasure of behind a student to a teacher who was as passionate about his subject and devoted to teaching as Mr. Friedman. Despite teaching us extremely high level physics and calculus, Mr. Friedman made it not only fascinating and simple to understand but actually enjoyable. In short, I believe that Mr. Friedman’s personality and wit, when combined with his incredible skill and passion for teaching, qualify, if not overqualify, him for the title of Teacher of the Year.

– Jonathan Shochat

Mr. Bowne

There is no other teacher in this school that is as invested in his students and their success as Mr. Bowne.  He’s completely devoted to his students, and he goes above and beyond to ensure his students are prepared for AP exams, yes, but more importantly for life.  He listens to each of his students and fosters close-knit relationships with them, acting as a confidant when students need one the most. I trust every word that Mr. Bowne has ever told me, and it’s never led me anywhere but to success.  I owe most of my

– Hayley Beluch

Madame Youse

Madame Youse is one of the most incredible teachers i have ever had at eastern. she always looks out for her students and really goes the extra mile to help them.

– Hayley Bricker ‘18

Ms. Hughes

In a few words Ms.Hughes has shown what it means to be a teacher. She handled disputes between students in a very excellent way. She knows how to teach a lesson and make doing the assignment fun. Unlike other teachers she knows how to be a teen just like us students. Even if this is her first year at Eastern.

– Jacob Finkelstein

Mr. Mercurio

He has helped me so much in the past 4 years not just with Latin but with my anxiety. I probably would’ve had to go to a special school for my anxiety and depression if it wasn’t for him being there. He is not only kind to me but to anyone else who needs help. Also we share a similar sense of humor so he’s fun to joke around about memes with. He makes Latin fun and I wouldn’t have taken it 4 years if he wasn’t the teacher. Kylie Easterday


Mrs. Leason

Mrs. Leason should be recognized because she cares deeply for each one of her students. When I have a rough day or just need to rant about life, she lets me know that I can always go to her. She sits and listens and doesn’t judge me for how I think. She’s understanding when students have conflicts such as work or having family issues. Mrs. Leason should win Teacher of the Year. Jaimie McCormick


 Ms. Palmer

Ms. Palmer has dedicated her life establishing students with research and learning skills necessary for college and beyond. She has gone above and beyond to work with her student’s schedules, putting her own schedule aside. As a student, I feel confident in my major because of what Ms. Palmer as taught me and the advice she has given me. Sophie Steele


Mrs. Pomerantz

She always goes above and beyond for the best interests of her students. She always allots time when she is available for anyone to come in for help or simply just to talk. She truly has made a significant difference in my senior year. Chris Bracchi





Ms. Vaccaro

Mrs. Vaccaro made learning fun for me and turned a rather bland subject (pre calc) into an enjoyable experience. Dylan Quinn

Ms. Decoursey

This year she has done a great job with building the new forensics course and continuing her education in forensic science. her efforts are amazing and i really enjoyed having her as my teacher. Cassidy Betz


Ms. Lemunyon

The best teacher in the math department, truly cares weather her students fully understood each lesson instead of leaving them in the dust with no comprehension of what is being taught. Sophia Coello

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