Whole Foods Provides

Dietary needs met


 Roughly once a week, someone in the family gets stuck with grocery shopping. A best of three series over rock, paper, scissors typically declares a winner.

 However, picking up items off of the shopping list isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be. Whole Foods Market, conveniently located in both Cherry Hill and Marlton, serves as an environmentally friendly store to purchase foods that assist in reducing an individual’s ecological footprint.

 An array of fruits and vegetables, all colors of the spectrum, greet customers upon their entrance. Juicy, golden pineapples and sweet blueberries sit stocked on shelves. Scarlet red tomatoes and leafy green spinach line the display along the wall. Tangy oranges and seedless purple grapes make their way into the carts of various customers, weaving down each and every aisle.

 Neutral tones of yellows and browns provide a comfortable feel in the market and the low-intensity lighting reduces the likelihood of an awkward encounter with that guy who used to be best friends with your best friend’s ex-boyfriend. You don’t get that kind of protection under your local Shop Rite’s fluorescent lighting.

 The people there are friendly. They’ll hold the door for you, they’ll give you a warm smile when you pass, and they’ll make you feel welcome.

 Along with their immense organic inventory, Whole Foods has many products that serve as alternatives to allergy-inducing foods and beverages. Almond Breeze unsweetened almond milk has become a popular preference over traditional milk brands. It’s dairy free, so those with stomachs that quiver at the thought of ingesting lactose can breathe a sigh of relief. The faint traces of almond flavor and hints of vanilla complement one another to form a sweet, tasty, and healthy option.

Whole Foods isn’t solely revered for their natural produce, but also their wide variety of healthy snacks. Nature Valley granola bars, Back to Nature fudge mint cookies, and Snack Factory pretzel crisps tend to be crowd favorites as every seven-year-old tugs on their mother’s shirt to give them the same puppy dog eyes and beg for a concession. Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop is the perfect choice for those that want some popcorn to accompany their movie marathon, leaving no concerns about consuming genetically modified organisms or gluten.

 They’ve got everything. Go ahead and stock up on some Ricola throat drops to soothe the pain when you catch the cold that is plaguing your fellow classmates. Pick up one of the foam rollers to stretch out that tightness in your calf after a seven mile run. Sort through the arrangements of hydrangeas, peonies, and orchids to finally make use of the vase from pottery you last minute gifted to your mother for her birthday; the opportunities are endless. Strolling through Whole Foods is like waking up on a Saturday to no school, but better.

 The next time someone calls out from the kitchen that you’re out of bread, grab a pair of shoes, sprint out the door, and head to Whole Foods (but don’t forget your wallet, it’s bound to get pricey).