Biggie C’s car influences junior rapper

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 Is this Meek Mill?

 “Copped the Audi/ And I painted it blue/ God blessed me like achoo.”

  No, they’re lines from Yung JuJu, a junior, the hottest new rapper at Eastern. He prefers to keep his real name unknown.

  Yung JuJu is an up and coming lyrical rapper who discusses not his personal experiences, but other experiences he’s observed.

 JuJu is a name created from his first name and his religion. “My name starts with J-u, and I’m Jewish, so it’s a double entendre.”

 JuJu aspires to resemble J. Cole through his stylization; lyrically and with the sound of his voice. “He’s the freakin’ man,” he said, “so I wanna be like him.”

 JuJu enjoys rapping because of the joy he has when making music with his friends. JuJu’s team, The Salthern Gang, consists of juniors Biggie C, Xandy, and producer bretskionthemix.

  The Salthern Gang is currently working on a mix that has not been released. Their previous release, “Fusion” is a freestyle about Biggie C’s car.

 So where does he rate himself on the scale? “10…na na na 12!”

 That confidence is questionable, however, when he reveals that he does not believe he has a good rap voice.

 JuJu’s dream is to release a collaboration with Young Douger, a freshman rapper.

 Where can Yung JuJu’s former releases be located?

 SoundCloud, Yung JuJu, third search result.