Shopping for prom dresses in Gym 4

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Finding the perfect dress can be stressful. It can also be hard to find time to go shopping, but Eastern’s junior class officers decided to take some of the stress off prom dress shopping.

 On January 15th, girls from all grades gathered in gym 4 to watch a fashion show of prom dresses brought to Eastern by a local boutique named Dare.

 Eleven girls representing each grade level of Eastern modeled dresses by Sherri Hill, Terrani, Jovani and more. All of the girls that participated needed to get fitted for a dress by January 12th and the girls got ready during third period on the 15th.

 “They had racks set up with different sizes, so you went and looked at your size,” said senior Michelle Litvak.

 Besides getting to play dress up, the junior class found a way for the fashion show to benefit their whole grade.

 “We thought we could do it as a fundraiser and make some money,” said junior class officer Morgan Tiernan. “We were hoping for everyone to come and see and have fun.”

 Dare agreed to give a portion of the proceeds from the dresses sold to Eastern girls to the class of 2020. “We wanted to raise money so we could make junior prom, senior trip and everything like that cheaper,” said Morgan.

 This event was a trial run to see how it would play out and the officers definitely want to do something similar next year and hopefully expand the event to have more models and dresses.

 “It was so much fun and I wish our grade did it,” said Litvack.