Sami’s “Frank” Advice

Samis Frank Advice
  1. I’m a junior who hasn’t taken or prepared for the SAT or ACT yet, when do I take them and can I cram study?
    1. Both the SAT and ACT are standardized tests that the majority of colleges require for their application processes. If you’re a junior planning on applying to colleges, I recommend you start preparing for the SAT or ACT as soon as possible. Tutoring books with practice tests are available at bookstores like Barnes and Noble or even online at Amazon. While studying for these tests are important, some students may want tutoring to build their score. If you’re self-motivated, there are online courses from Kranse or The Princeton Review that will help you with test taking strategies and refresh math, english, and writing skills. You can definitely not cram study for this test, it typically takes about two to four months to study for.
  2. The guy I’m with called me his ex’s name… what should I do?
    1. That’s a tough situation. However, when people aren’t thinking, they have a tendency to slip up and say things they don’t necessarily mean. There’s a chance he can be associating how he feels about with with how he felt about his previous relationship. It’s natural to be upset and even hurt by this happening, but you should sit down and have a mature conversation with him and tell him how you feel.
  3. My job is going to interfere with spring sports, should I quit?
    1. Having work experience is super helpful and teaches you life skills. Playing a sport also helps keep you active and can teach you teamwork skills. Since both are important, you should try to find a way to fit both into your schedule by trying to work more on weekends so you can attend your sport during the week. In addition, talk to your coach! He/she will probably understand and be more flexible with letting you miss practice if you offer proof you have a job, as long as you are also committed too.
  4. I know my teacher doesn’t like me and I’m not sure why. What should I do?
    1. Try to think of all possible reasons why you think your teacher doesn’t like you and come up with solutions for each one. If you incorporate ways you think should be helpful to getting your teacher to warm up are not working, then it may be beneficial to go talk to them. Be mature and calm about it by simply asking if you are doing anything wrong or what you can do to better succeed in the class.
  5. I can’t afford a dress for prom, where can I get one cheap? Can I trust online?
    1. Believe it or not there are some thrift stores in south jersey that do have prom dresses! If you call around and ask, you should be able to find a few options. Online has some great discounted options, however check the return policy and reviews of the site before you order. Some stores may be sketchy and you could get a dress that looks nothing like what you ordered and lose $100.
  6. I want to get in shape for the new year, how can i do this without spending all my money on the gym?
    1. One of the best things about the internet and modern technology is you can have any information in a matter of seconds. There are millions of different websites and YouTube videos online that you could follow along with in any open space area to get fit!