Holocaust and Genocide class presents projects at fair


Jed Friedman presents his project.

On June 3rd, a student who walked into the Learning Center was greeted by dozens of Holocaust-Genocide projects. These projects were on crimes against humanity and were beneficial to all who attended.

 Senior Jed Friedman did his project on the Polish Resistance Movement during World War II. He went into depth about what this was and what it had done. “Polish resistance was more in little towns and regions in Poland which delayed the process of Nazi occupation. It was the Polish people making an effort to fight back against the Nazis despite being at a disadvantage due to having less access to arms and less people.”

 Friedman explained how this affected the world. “Poland had the largest Jewish community prior to the outbreak in World War II because there were concentration camps on Polish soil,” he said. “It was easier for the Nazis to deport and exterminate the Polish Jews.”

 Joseph Leonard, a senior in the class, made his project on the fate of German civilians after World War II. He broke his project into two parts: the expulsions of Jews after World War II and the rapes that took place against German civilians. “I have always been interested in World War II and the Holocaust, but this class has broadened my view of issues in the world,” said Leanord.

 The class was new this year, and was immensely popular. Junior Lucas Prince took the class because he had a huge interest in history and plans on increasing his scope.

 He also took the class for another reason. “I had Ish before and it was a new class that I wanted to try out. I’m glad I took it,” said Prince.

 Overall, this gathering provided students who attended with a better understanding about different genocides and crimes against humanity.