All the Places the Little Vikings will Go!

Up, up, and away with graduation, 2019.

Ad Clothier


Sasha Tuddenham '20

Claire Fitzpatrick '20 and Zach Rosenberg '20 celebrate the graduation of Akash.

Sasha Tuddenham
Dad with Nithya and her friend Dwaitha
W. Bowne
Mrs. Bowne poses with her students after a long and fun day.
Sasha Tuddenham ’19
Akash is ready for the next level!
Sasha Tuddenham ’19
Santiago is ready to lift off to kindergarten
Sasha Tuddenham ’19
Sara Tuddenham ’19 plays with MacKenzie B.
Sasha Tuddenham ’20
Eden, Ingrid, and Jillian hug Siyona during a chat
Sasha Tuddenham ’20
MacKenzie shares a laugh with a student teacher
Sasha Tuddenham
Nikhil plays during the party
Sasha Tuddenham ’19
Sasha Tuddenham
Sasha Tuddenham ’20

The lights dimmed as the 16 preschoolers filed, one by one, into the packed Recital Hall full of jubilant parents carrying graduation balloons. Superintendent Dr. Melleby, Vice Principal Borda, and Board member Elaine Chow were also in attendance.

  As the Preschool and Child Development teacher, Mrs. Bowne, announced each Little Viking’s entrance, Advanced Study students escorted each preschooler toward the stage. The children skipped towards the stage, eager to celebrate.

  Once the preschoolers were seated onstage in a multicolored collection of small chairs, the independent study students, Jenna Janco and Joanne Im, with the help of Mrs. Bowne, began the graduation ceremony.

   “It’s been tradition to have an end of year celebration for the kids,” Mrs. Bowne said. “It’s a good opportunity to let the kids show their parents what they learned all year.”

  The expression seven class presented each preschooler with an award correlating to their personality. Preschoolers Sayf won the “Problem Solver” award and Mackenzie the “Care Bear” award, while Penny received the “Fashionista” award and Roshan the “Curious George” award.

  Another student, Akash, began the year wanting to wear his Spider-Man suit to make him bigger and stronger, intimidated by his more athletic classmates. He gained confidence throughout the year, and was awarded the “Super Hero” award. Ecstatic at his name being called, he shot spider webs from his hands and ran across the stage to retrieve his special award.   

   Soon after the awards, the preschoolers performed the dances they worked so hard to perfect, choreographed by the Preschool and Child Development students. Their first dance was to Pharrell Williams’s song, “Happy.”

   Preschooler Santiago was so enthusiastic about the dance, he even made up his own dance moves. The preschoolers then donned their red chef hats to perform to a song about pizza making and later put on their antennas to perform to a Dr. Seuss song from the story, “Horton Hears a Who.”

 Then came the diplomas. All of the Preschool and Child Development students looked on proudly as each preschooler accepted a diploma to the thundering applause of their families. A few of the preschoolers even took a bow.

  As the applause died down, the parents, preschoolers, and students filed back to Room 18, the preschool classroom, for a graduation celebration. Piles of brownies and jugs of fruit juice were set out for the guests. Preschoolers had the chance to play with their favorite toys for one last time.

   A photo booth was set up outside of the classroom for families to use as they were leaving. In the shape of a hot air balloon, the preschoolers were transported into Dr. Seuss’s book “Oh the Places You’ll Go.”

 Hugs were passed around as the high school students took the time to take pictures with each of the preschoolers, saying their goodbyes.

    “The graduation ceremony was very well done, and the children had a blast. I was able to escort Penny to the stage. She told me she was so excited to graduate! I think I can speak for all of the high schoolers taking this class, in that all of the preschoolers will be missed!” stated Preschool and Child Development Advanced Study student, Sara Tuddenham

     As the preschoolers move onto kindergarten, they can always revisit their preschool experience with the yearbook, given to them as a goodbye, along with a small gift. Mrs. Bowne must start preparing for next year’s class, but she will miss dearly The Little Vikings Class of 2018-2019.

  “To many of preschoolers who are graduating, it isn’t real,” Mrs. Bowne said afterwards. “They don’t realize they aren’t coming back next year, but we all celebrated the students going to kindergarten.”