Where did the school spirit go?


Mr. Bowne

Eastern Regional High School: home of the mighty Vikings. It’s home to many extremely competitive, state championship sports teams and award-winning activities. 

  The name Eastern is feared by students all over the state as our sports teams end season and clubs defeat many talented students in different conferences and academic awards. From the classroom, to the field, to club competitions, year after year eastern proves themselves dominate in all aspects. 

  So my question to you: why don’t the students of eastern paint the school blue and maroon out of the pride they feel to attend this school? Well, that is because we don’t have any. 

  What is on my mind as the fall season slowly creeps upon us… where did the pride that students felt years ago to attend this school go?

  This is a question that has stumped my fellow class officers and me. Year after year, the five officers spend days and weeks alone preparing spirit week. 

  No matter how much begging and incentives we put in place to raise the attendance for wall decorating, no more than 5 students show up. 

  Although every class struggles with this issue, the senior class’s participation drops from year to year. Why do kids think it’s ‘lame’ to have school spirit?

  Along with a lack of Spirit Week participation, the senior class also has lower prom and cotillion attendance, and always wait until the last day to make payments. Could it just be that the senior class is lazy?

  How can we convince students from all friend groups to attend student-run activities, sports games, and most importantly, spirit week preparation?

  In this upcoming school year, the senior class officers are attempting to start traditions that hopefully will be continued in the following years. 

  We are considering holding a drive-in-movie night, creating themed class t-shirts for spirit week, and hosting a ‘senior sunrise’. 

  This fall, we are hoping to initiate an annual senior drive-in-movie-night where students can pull up in the Eastern parking lot and watch a movie with their friends. On one fall Friday night, all seniors are welcomed and concessions will be sold. The money raised from the extra concessions will then go to aid someone’s class trip payment so more students can enjoy the fun in Disney this spring. 

  Hopefully, after consulting with the student council officers, we can create and sell themed class t-shirts. These shirts will be worn by the class on our t-shirt day to hopefully add some school spirit to an unenthusiastic grade.   

  Lastly, we hope to organize a ‘senior sunrise’. Towards the end of the school year, our goal is to have as many seniors as we can come out and watch the sunrise on the football field. This would act as a “final goodbye” to our home for four years. 

  But for the treacherous week every October, my fellow class officers and I refuse to accept defeat once again. Every year we sit in our classes as the standings are announced only to hear we are in last place. 

  “You guys suck, we always lose spirit week”.

  For our fourth and final year, the seniors will not settle for anything less than first place, and as soon as our themes are announced, we will get down to business.