Cancel Culture Should be Cancelled


    Of course, we never want to ignore or deny what people have done. Cancel Culture has scared so many people and they look to others online to make sure their opinion is “correct” and matches everyone else. They are scared of getting “cancelled.” This inevitably creates a mentality that targets anyone else’s opinion that is different. There is a cycle on social media of never ending cancel culture.

     Cancel culture, call out culture, whatever you want to call it. It is bad. It makes it difficult to go on social media and just enjoy content because drama always comes along with it. You are never to just click on the app, scroll, and get a good laugh without seeing a post about a famous celebrity or influencer getting in trouble for a scandal or simple error.

     It prevents us from educating people when a mistake has been made, especially in the comment sections. But sometimes when you try and respond to someone online with the correct answer or actual facts about the situation, it comes across as argumentative. Why does this happen? When people online actually try and educate, the one on the receiving end gets offended and then begins to feel attacked. Cancel Culture drives away chances of learning and improving.

     It also drives me away from the app, as much as I love to stay on top of things, it made me realize that I should take a break from certain social media’s during the day and focus more on things going on around me, rather than in other people’s lives.

     Since the school year has started it feels somewhat refreshing to stay away from my phone and the drama that comes along with it. It’s a nice escape to just communicate with people in real life and have conversations that are way easier to have face to face. It’s also way easier to be in a happier mood communicating to people in real life instead of being surrounded by negatively online.

     People find enjoyment in hopping on the hate train whenever there is an opportunity to ruin someone’s career, reputation, or day.

     I just wish I knew how do people find the time and energy to do these types of things.