What’s on my mind as a freshman?

We can be so hard on ourselves. And that's not fair.


Mr. Bowne

High school can be challenging for everybody, especially for someone who is starting their freshman year in a new school, new people, and a new environment. I found it very challenging my freshman year – getting around the school and going to the right room number for classes proved to be challenging for not only myself but other new freshman. 

The first week of school is always hard for some people, specifically freshman. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors can often find the first week of school and the rest of the school year pretty easily considering they’re used to the school and how to get around. I, personally, got lost so many times on my first day of freshman year and it was hard to meet new people, get around in a new school after I spent my previously last 9 years at one school where I grew up with a lot of my friends together.

From moving to a new school, finding your classes, getting adjusted to the bigger environment here at Eastern, it can all prove to be very challenging. Times have changed throughout the years. From the technology we have now, to the social media we are all addicted to. I, for one, struggled with adjusting to Easteen my freshman year for many reasons. 

Cell phone distraction, and for someone like me who is very shy, it was a tough time to meet new people and make new friends. Everyone has their own struggles when they walk into a new high school for the first time. High school is very challenging, but some people will find the adjustment and the changes easy. I did not. 

The classes I got freshman year were nothing like compared to classes I took in middle school, in fact, they were harder, the people I met have now become my best friends, and I’ve became close and built relationships with teachers around the school.

For the next three years, I will be here at Eastern. Once I got past the freshman year and the first week of high school as a freshman, things came together and were easier. 

Not everything is as bad as I make it out to be.

In fact, it was nothing like I thought it was. Students, especially me, can be hard on themselves and it’s not fair. 


We, as students, not only need to stop being hard on ourselves but set goals for what we want to set out and accomplish while we are in high school


. I planned my goals and lists of accomplishments that I want to complete before I graduate. everyone has something and by setting goals and accomplishments it makes us become a better student and a better person.