Dispelling the horror stories of high school

So what is it like being a freshman at Eastern? Our club correspondents are writing about their first month at Eastern.


Mr. Bowne

Mia Matis is a freshman and looks forward to covering topics for The Voyager

 Since the beginning of 8th grade, I’ve been asking my high school friends for advice about going to Eastern. What they said  shocked me.

  “Don’t go to the bathroom, ever. There are so many kids vaping in there all the time.”

  “The first month or so is miserable. It’s so hot and I can never focus.”

  “There’s only one good bio teacher, and don’t get Dr. Mink. Her class is REALLY HARD.”

  “You’re taking all honors? You’re going to be drowning in homework.”

  Not to mention the countless other rumors about the school that spread like wildfire. As excited as I was to exit middle school and enter “the best years of my life,” these answers gave me zero confidence and just made me extremely nervous for anything high school related. 

  1. Was. Terrified. 

  Then I started high school as a freshman, surrounded by hydroflasks and annoying classmates. I went through my classes, met all of my teachers, and started experiencing the high school workload. Now I’m here, at the end of September, I’ve survived the first few weeks of high school, and here’s what I’ve learned.

  In my first couple weeks here, I’ve found that high school isn’t like the movies. Not all of the teachers are the mean, soulless people you see on TV. Most of my teachers are really nice, and they teach really well and in a way that interests me. The schedule allows me to have more time to do homework for some classes, and study hall is really helpful for any homework.

  Being a freshman at Eastern has been such a cool experience. I’ve had more freedom than ever before, and it’s a big change that I think most of the current freshman needed. Although it is much harder than middle or elementary school, being at Eastern has proven to me that high school is a lot better than many make it out to be.