Meet Mr. Adamonis

“I get great pleasure out of helping people succeed and realize their worth,” he said.


Josh Meyers '21

Mr. Adamonis works on the lessons for the day

When Mr. Cory Adamonis started working as a substitute teacher in special education for Highland Regional High School, he enjoyed having one-on-one conversations with students, as well as giving them support.

  Before becoming a teacher, Mr. Adamonis attended Stockton University and earned his Bachelor’s degree in history. He obtained a huge interest in history that had blossomed in high school. “My junior year and senior year I had two history teachers that were just incredible and I really found my love for the subject. I felt the best thing to bring history alive was to be a teacher and teach my students the same way my teachers taught me,” he said.

   Adamonis will enter his third year of teaching as he will be a new special education teacher for Eastern. He is thrilled that he gets to do something he loves everyday. “I get great pleasure out of helping people succeed and realize their worth,” he said.

   Mr. Adamonis likes how different Eastern is from his last school, but he isn’t fazed by the size since he went to Washington Township High School as a student. “I’m used to big crowds and big atmospheres,” he said. “I’m getting the hang of Eastern, finally. Navigating is getting easier.”

When he is free, Mr, Adamonis likes to spend time with his wife and his dog, travel, play the guitar, and coach soccer.

  As the new school year ensues, Mr, Adamonis wants to improve as a teacher. “That’s my goal every year,” he explained. “To just get better, get a better connection with kids, help them learn better and succeed.”

   He wants his students to know that he will always have their backs and hopes to teach each of them a work ethic that will benefit themselves in the future.