How Much has Gun Violence Impacted School Life?

The infamous crack and bang of gunfire is a sound that the U.S has been all too familiar with. Whether it is in schools, stores, or concerts, mass shootings have taken the lives of too many in this country.

  As of now, the U.S currently has the highest rate of firearm ownership in the world, possessing about 35-50% of the world’s civilian owned guns. 

  According to the Pew Research Center, gun violence rates have risen since 2017, where the highest level of deaths by firearms occurred with a staggering number of 39,773 casualties

  Just how much has gun violence affected each of our daily lives? Ten or fifteen years ago, children and their parents didn’t worry about dying from gun violence. 

  Beginning with the Columbine High School mass shooting, students have feared the possibility of a shooting happening in their school. The administration and the staff in all schools have the primary job of educating their students to the best of their ability. However, the gradual appearance of gun violence in schools has added another type of responsibility to teachers’ shoulders. Would they need to take a bullet for their students?

  I’m sure that in the past, teachers were always prepared to protect their students. But, the possibility of the teachers actually having to do it has become a lot higher over the years. 

  The topic of school safety in the face of gun violence has most likely been discussed in schools all over the nation. With the implementation of different types of drills in every school, these procedures are carved into every student’s mind in case of emergencies. At Eastern, students are introduced to each type of emergency lockdown and procedure from the first few days of school. 

  Of course, these safety procedures are here to make sure that we are safe. However, the amount of school drills show us that the country’s schools are not as safe as they need to be. 

  As a high school student, gun violence has certainly crossed my mind once or twice in the past year. Most students like me have wondered what they would do if they were put in that kind of a dangerous situation. 

  Even teachers have brought up this growing topic in class discussions or debates. We all wonder what we would do if we were put in that situation or if our friends will be the one who gets hurt. That’s the kind of mindset some students go into when another school shooting shows up on the news. 

  Next time you hear about any type school shooting in the future, take the time to think about it. Making a plan ahead of time could potentially save your life.