How a presidential impeachment affects the 2020 Election

The possibility of an impeachment vote in the House clearly impacts President Trump, but could it also impact the Democratic nominees for next year’s presidential election?

  The current buzz in politics is headlined by the House impeachment proceedings over President Donald Trump’s inappropriate behavior with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. 

  To be clear, if President Trump is impeached, that does not mean he is removed from office. Impeachment is the charge of misconduct, so the president would still have to be found guilty of criminal activity.

  The current proceedings play a considerable role in the outcome of the upcoming presidential election, which is less than a year away. On the Democratic side, if the impeachment proceedings were to move forward to the Senate, this would benefit some candidates, while hurting others. 

  The six Democratic senators running for president would likely be needed for the impeachment trial. This includes frontrunners Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (Vt.), as well as Cory Booker (N.J.) and Kamala Harris (Calif.). This would clearly throw a wrench into their campaign trails. It would take time away from campaigning in states such as Iowa and New Hampshire, the two earliest voting states for electing the party’s nominee for president.

  This would give other candidates a chance to take control of the race, such as former Vice President Joe Biden and rising candidate Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Ind. However, involvement with the impeachment trial gives the senators running for president an opportunity for a breakthrough moment as the media focuses on the impeachment trial. 

  Conversely, the trial could hurt their presidential chances if they do not put on a strong showing. In a way, the trial is similar to an additional presidential debate for these candidates, as it will                    increase their public exposure.

  Republicans may be in favor of a lengthy senatorial trial in hopes of creating disruption in the Democratic presidential race. When asked about this possibility, Senator John Cornyn (TX) admitted this scenario would be favorable towards Buttigieg and Biden, the Washington Post reported. 

  If a lengthy trial in the Senate were to occur, it is likely to be more beneficial towards Buttigieg than Biden. Since Trump suggested Biden acted corruptly, he likely faces guilt by association, which could cost him the Democratic nominee. 

  Meanwhile, when looking at how the impeachment trial could potentially impact President Trump’s re-election bid, it gives his devoted supporters an opportunity to rethink his presidency and if he still deserves their vote.

  The proceedings also give the rest of Americans an appropriate time to take a long look at the current president. Do enough Americans support his recent behavior to re-elect him? Does the president only care about his priorities or also about the important world events around him? 

  With all of the recent excitement over the political events occurring in the United States, the possibility of an impeachment trial that could affect not only the current presidency but the upcoming election leaves plenty of Americans on the edge of their seats.