The Decline of Disney


As children, we used to spend hours on end watching Disney Channel. Now, however, we’re gradually shifting to digital streaming platforms as we grow and mature into young adults. Platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and Disney Plus are rising in popularity among both children and young adults alike. 

  A possible explanation for this could be that these streaming platforms offer more choices than traditional television. These platforms also have easier access, being able to direct someone to their favorite show with just a click on the remote. 

  In addition to the widespread success of Disney Plus, Disney also has two television platforms: Disney Channel and Freeform. Over the past three years, both platforms have lost 4 million subscribers each. Disney XD is another Disney platform that has been discontinued in 2019 due to the lack of viewers. 

  With less people willing to flip through these channels to watch episodes of these new shows, people are more often gravitating towards rewatching Disney’s old shows on Disney Plus. New shows airing on Disney Channel are therefore losing viewers and popularity.

  Viewers are now going back to iconic Disney Channel shows like Jessie, Good Luck Charlie, or The Suite Life of Zack & Cody through Disney Plus. Newer shows being produced are losing their audiences to these old shows. 

  Despite these sinking numbers, Disney Channel still has an astounding 8 million subscribers tuning into their shows. So although Disney Channel is slowing losing popularity, it still has had a pretty successful decade overall.