“Miss Anthropocene” Isn’t Like Any Other Pop Album


Grimes is certainly quick in securing her place in the new year of Indie and Alternative music. Her latest album titled Miss Anthropocene, is her first release since her critically acclaimed album, Art Angels, that dropped in 2015. 

    This album is definitely a new step in the Grimes evolution, and features plenty of new sounds that many fans were surprised to hear from the artist. Yet it doesn’t stray from her bizarre, futuristic, and complicated niche as an artist. 

The album is a collection of fifteen tracks, four of the, being slightly different versions/remixes of songs that appear earlier on the album. The labrum contains the guitar driven track, “Delete Forever,” which is full of cinematic sounds that also come across as haunting.

“We Appreciate Power,” featuring HANA, “So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth,” and “Girl Group Propaganda,” all include guitar riffs and soft, spoken lyrics that are guaranteed to be stuck in your head after listening. 

“Violence,” is a feature point on the album, as it’s definitely the most upbeat and infectious dance song on the album. It continues to build towards a breakdown that would undoubtedly sound incredible live. 

This album isn’t meant for a casual listen. It sounds best with both earbuds in, relaxing in your room away from everything else, and just enjoying the sonically vast songs in your own bubble. Each song has plenty of layers that your brain will need to understand in a few listens.

The richness of sounds and diversity in each track is incredible. Grimes is able to display her unique talent in ways no other artist can. Miss Anthropence is an amazing collection of Grimes sounds that she has created throughout the years, as well as new pop that people have yet to hear in 2020.