What’s in my fridge during quarantine?


Mr. Bowne

  Each of these different sports channels has aired reruns of past and famous games. For example, the NFL channel has played this year’s Super Bowl and the NBA channel has aired Kobe Bryant’s final basketball game. Different playoff championship games have also been aired of these sports for the viewers’ pleasures.

While in quarantine, one needs the Essentials.

  No, I’m not talking about the toilet paper. I’m talking about food, my food.

  In my bottom fridge drawers, we have the fruits and vegetables. Apples, oranges, carrots. You name it, we have it.

  Next up, we got the liquids. We have two jugs of milk and a case of Poland Spring water bottles. Strangely enough, there is also some guacamole on this shelf. 

 Don’t ask.

  Then, we have the meats, cheese, and dairy products. My dad hooked us up at the grocery store with ham, turkey, and chicken breasts. You could also spot all sorts of cheeses, sprinkle cheese, cheese cuts, and even some Swiss for my mom. Next to the cheese are the eggs for some breakfast, sunny side up or scrambled. 

  In the upper levels are the wheats. We’ve got bagels, breads, and hamburger buns. These are the essentials for making a sandwich so you definitely need them during quarantine. 

  In the freezer above, there are many frozen foods. We love barbecue chicken pizza at the Meyers household so we’ve got three of them. We also have frozen vegetables like edamame and peas. There’s also chocolate ice cream which I convinced my dad to get. We also have many different frozen dinners to eat for a lifetime including pizza rolls and pizza bagels.

  In our main side shelf, we’ve got everything. From Reeses’ Puffs and Cheerios, to pastas, to soups, to TacoKits. You say you need some ketchup, tomato sauce, coffee, and hot chocolate, too? We’ve got loads. 

  You want to know what else we also have? Sloppy joe sauce to go along with our meat. 

  On Tuesday, I found out how good sloppy joes are. Luckily, my dad went to the store again to get more.

  Snack wise, I hooked my family up. There is Goldfish, Cheez-Its, veggie straws, pretzels, and granola bars. These are the snack foods you need in a crisis. 

  If you are worried about my cats, don’t be. They have two bags of their own cat food. 

  The quarantine life is rough, but the Essentials help.