Fox News and Sean Hannity epitomize the corruption of right-wing media

All three of these TV personalities all share a somewhat cult-like, brainwashed ideology and significant allegiance to one man: President Donald Trump.


Washington Times

Sean Hannity during a show, discussing what he likes to call “Fake News CNN” seen here.

Today in 2020, Fox News is one of the biggest and most well-known major news networks in America. Many of Fox’s anchors and newscasters share somewhat similar views, mostly leaning toward the right wing of the political spectrum.

People like Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and Sean Hannity are some of the most high-ranking, highly regarded news personalities that hundreds of thousands of people tune in to see every night. Each of these three broadcasters have their own respective nighttime political talk shows that air on Fox News.

All three of these TV personalities all share a somewhat cult-like, brainwashed ideology and significant allegiance to one man: President Donald Trump.

First and foremost, let’s establish some of the main facts. Fox News is specifically, and intentionally known to be a conservative news outlet. Fox, throughout its history, is notorious for showing allegiance and loyalty toward the Republican end of the political spectrum. In fact, when watching it, many viewers may even just consider it to be a “Republican” news channel.

Nearly all of the reporting and stories Fox News air are geared and skewed toward a right-wing perspective with right-wing ideologies.

One of Fox News’ most prominent political commentators, Sean Hannity, is known for being one of President Trump’s most loyal “worshippers.”

Sean Hannity hosts his own nightly commentary television show on Fox News Channel, self-titled, “Hannity,” where he expresses and discusses his political views on current events and news.

On this show, Hannity many times hosts guests such as senators, congressmen, and other politicians to have discussions with on-air. Unsurprisingly, nine out of ten times, these guests happen to be Republicans who are there to essentially agree with everything Hannity says, making him look good.

However, after personally watching the show myself for several weeks while observing Hannity’s diction, mannerisms, and behavior, it has become very clear what and who he stands for.

Hannity speaks about Trump as if he is some type of god-like figure. It is clear that he completely supports and applauds the President in every single small move he makes, about one hundred percent of the time. There is no criticism of anything President Trump says or does, even if things are definitely questionable. Hannity acts as if Trump can never do or say anything wrong or controversial . . . ever.

Of course, that is blatantly not the case with any president we’ve ever had, let alone Donald Trump.

The other aspect of Hannity’s brainwashing show is how he frequently, continuously, and repeatedly bashes opposing news networks as much as he possibly can. Quite frankly, it is frustrating and pathetic to watch Hannity talk and complain about how much he hates the “liberal, leftist” media. He comes straightforward, right out, and refers to CNN, literally, as “Fake News CNN” on-air. Just as President Trump refers to CNN as “fake news CNN.” Hannity has also accused the New York Times of being “fake”, and has also said the Washington Post “sucks”.

The aspect of Hannity’s show that I do not respect and I think is not appropriate is the fact that he tries to make every single issue a “right wing versus left wing” battle.

Hannity’s goal, it seems, is to always make it seem that “Republicans are right” and “Democrats are wrong.” This is what makes the show uninteresting and unappealing to watch for most liberal or politically-neutral people. Hannity attempts to force his ideologies and views upon his viewers, which makes the show frustrating and irritating to watch.

In Hannity’s eyes, anything that he doesn’t agree with, must be fake news. Any type of news that portrays Donald Trump in any sort of controversial or negative way is usually fake, claims Hannity. During his April 15 show, Hannity referred to the Democratic Party as a “sadly predictable and hate-filled group.”

It is disgraceful for Hannity to refer to an entire political party, collectively, with such harsh words. The truth is, there are some terrible people and terrible politicians in both the Democratic and Republican parties. Neither group is completely correct or completely ‘innocent’ in any way.

There has always been and probably always will be corruption within the world of politics. The debate over which political party is “correct” is never-ending, because the truth is that no party is completely correct. The truth lies somewhere in between the lines, and major news outlets must stop twisting facts the way they seem to do much too often.

Shows such as “Hannity” are a big part of the problem in today’s complicated American society. Instead of uniting the people, Hannity contributes by adding more division. This is not what America should be about. This is not what America is about.