Breaking down the May 13 CNN10

Jonah Gutterman breaks down what you need to know from the May 13 edition of CNN10 with Carl Azuz.


Woof woof?! Yes, this really is a dog.. just not in the typical cute puppy sense we usually think of.

From antibodies to robot dogs, here’s what you need to know for Wednesday, May 13.

By next week, 48 U.S. states will have implemented some relaxation in the restrictions due to Covid-19. Remdesivir and other medications continue to be an alternative aid/possible option for very sick coronavirus patients for the time being before an effective vaccine is developed, whenever that may be in the coming months.

Scientists and researchers are continuing to pursue the high-demand antibody testing to help them know who has had the disease in the past and possibly didn’t even know it.

Neurosurgeon and highly-regarded doctor, Sanjay Gupta, joined the show to discuss the important role of studying antibodies and past immunity. He informed viewers that there can also be new strains and mutations of the virus, this being the reason why it can be so complex to study.

Furthermore, researchers and experts are assuming that most individuals who had been infected with and recovered from Covid-19 will have some sort of ‘protection’ from the virus; However, studies are still being conducted regarding how long that protection will last for and how strong it really is.

10-second Trivia”: The London Underground is the oldest railway network in the world, founded 157 years ago.

An engineering company, Boston Dynamics, has actually created a robotic dog named “Spot” to encourage people to practice social distancing using recorded human voices. It also has cameras to see and sense how many people are in the given area around it, and whether there are too many people in the vicinity for health safety. “Spot” is now being used at some parks in Singapore to police the behavior of park-goers. 

Lastly, every CNN10 episode concludes with a great 30-60 second clip of some amazing location on earth. 

Today, the episode ended with a snapshot time-lapse of Athens, Greece, beautifully lit up around dawn time in the morning.