Fashions designers debut innovative and original designs for “Aida.”

These designs were a modern twist on Ancient Egyptian costumes. There were four juniors Lindsey Hoffman, Angelina Roustas, Olivia Lodico, Alyssa Sawka. And two seniors: Jenny Lau and and Eunice Kang.

During Covid-19, Mrs. Bowne used a green screen in her living room and used her daughters, Madeline and Nancy, as models for the fashions. Madeline, Nancy, and Mr. Bowne filmed the project. Madeline produced the video.

As soon as the decision was made to produce Aida as this year’s musical, Dr. Gregg Molotsky approached Mrs. Mary Jane Bowne. “ Would the fashion students be interested in designing the costumes for the fashion show scene?”

What a great opportunity! 

In mid November, the concept was shared with Fashion 2, 3, and Independent Study students. The first task was for each student to submit a design sketch. With Egyptian fashion as an inspiration, students created modern looks. Bright colors and elaborate headpieces were exciting to plan. 

Dr. Molotsky selected the looks he liked best for the show. Students who created those looks then researched and costed the materials needed to create the look. A final selection process narrowed it down to the 7 costumes created. 

Fashion students, led by the designers, worked in teams for several weeks in February to complete the costumes just in time for what should have been the March 14th wet tech rehearsal.

Sadly, COVID-19 had other plans.