Television Shows Filming Affected by COVID-19

With the ongoing pandemic, there’s no question that every industry is experiencing conflicts. One industry in particular was affected the most interesting way. The entertainment industry. Due to social distancing guidelines in place and efforts to help curve and stop the spread of this disease, many TV shows that were in production when COVID-19 started to spread more predominantly were forced to suspend production for the unforeseeable future. However, this left many production teams of various TV shows to get more creative and find a way to still be able to air their shows.


Live singing competition shows like ‘American Idol’ and ‘The Voice’ still found a way to broadcast despite the ongoing pandemic that forces studios to be shut down. Both shows have begun to film and broadcast live remotely. Contestants and judges participating in their respective shows set up camera and audio equipment in their own houses and send live feeds to producers and production staff working remotely. Filming and broadcasting remotely is the obvious new trend that many in the entertainment and news industry have adapted to as their new ‘norm’.


‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ and ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ are just some of the countless late-night shows that produce their shows remotely. While some segments aired during the show appear to be filmed in a studio and pre-recorded, the majority of the content is filmed remotely nowadays. Guests that are set to appear on the late night shows Skype into the show host and film their interview remotely.


Some shows aren’t lucky. A handful of scripted TV shows have suspended their production, and in turn have had to cut their season that is currently airing short. Netflix in both the United States and Canada has mandated that all of their shows go on a hiatus and stop filming in their studios to abide by government protocols. While there is no clear answer as to when shows will be allowed to resume their filming, it most likely won’t be anytime soon. This means many things for shows that are unable to film and produce new episodes. Revenue can go down. Fans can lose interest over time. A lot of things are at risk when scripted TV shows are at a halt on producing new content.


Major TV networks ESPN that centers their content around sports has seen a major change as well. Since there are no sports happening around the United States, their ability to produce new content has decreased. ESPN isn’t the only sports-centered network experiencing this problem. Most have compensated by re-airing old sports games, documentaries, and the alike. This seems to be the only solution for these networks struggling to find content to air that will keep viewers engaged and continuing to watch and tune in to their network so they can earn money.


Many news networks are struggling. Local news, like 6abc Action News, have found new ways to adapt to the ongoing pandemic and continuing their coverage of news that is happening around their coverage area. For on-air reporters, they still do report however they wear personal protective equipment, such as masks, and follow social distancing guidelines