The Bachelorette is back and the drama has begun: Clare Crawley begins her journey to find love… again


New York Post

Bachelorette Clare Crawley is speechless when frontrunner Dale Moss steps out of the limo.

  After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, everyone’s favorite ‘hate-to-love-it’ show is back. After her iconic break-up with 2014 Bachelor, Juan Pablo, two seasons on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’, and even a brief engagement from her time on ‘Bachelor Winter Games’, Clare Crawley has not given up hope and is still determined to find love as this year’s Bachelorette. 

  While there was some concern that her season wouldn’t happen at all, due to COVID-19, Claire is getting another chance at love after all, but some precautionary measures had to be taken. For the majority of the past 30+ seasons, the cast has stayed in the infamous Bachelor Mansion. This year, Claire and the contestants are staying at the La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs, creating their own little bubble of only those involved in the show. 

  As shown in the premiere, the cast was required to quarantine and undergo regular COVID testing. After their results were in, they were greeted by showrunners and producers to declare them ‘covid-free’ and inform them they were all set to be a part of the season. 

  Once all cast members were cleared to participate, the season had officially begun. Cue the crying. Cue the drama. Cue the limos. The Bachelorette is back.

  After so many seasons of the iconic limo arrivals, nothing is deemed “too crazy” anymore. This season we got our fair-share of outlandish entrances, including a “pregnant” man, someone jumping out of a banner that read ‘Your Future Husband’, a man in a literal straight-jacket, and a real-life ‘knight in shining armor’. 

  At the start of each season, everyone in ‘Bachelor Nation’ has a limo-entrance that really stands out to them; following the premiere, some high-school viewers shared their favorites …and their not-so-favorites. 

  “Call me crazy, but I loved the ‘pregnant’ guy, Jason,” one viewer said, “It showed that he had a sense of humor, which probably helped to calm some nerves, and it showed that he was familiar with Clare’s history on the show.” The joke stemmed from Clare’s limo entrance on Juan Pablo’s season, when she strapped on a baby-belly and pretended to be pregnant, definitely making a memorable first-impression. 

  Viewer Sianah Larrea recalled the first man to step out of the limo: “Ben, who was the first arrival, just introduced himself and simply asked Clare to take a deep breath with him,” she said, “It was the simplest entrance, but that’s what I liked about it… nothing over the top, just simple and thoughtful… [it] definitely showed he was trying to ease Clare’s nervous energy.”

  Another viewer, Bridget McCourt said, “A few of the men brought snacks for Clare, and if I’m being honest, snacks are always a good gift. Definitely would have left a good first impression on me!” 

  But the majority of viewers said that no entrance could compare with the instant connection witnessed when Dale stepped out of the limo. The simplest arrival, with only a hug and a smile that you could see from Mars, left Clare stunned. After Dale’s arrival, Clare could barely contain her excitement: she said, “I knew it! It feels like I just met my husband.” Talk about love at first sight!

  After all of the men had arrived, the cocktail party was in full swing and the drama could begin. Because, honestly, what’s The Bachelorette without drama? 

  Contestant Tyler C. wanted to address a concern he had with another contestant, Yosef. Tyler C. confided in the other guys in the house, saying, “So coming into this I was in a weird position to find out some stuff about Yosef.” He explained that girls from his hometown had said that Yosef was flirting with them via IG, and he felt it necessary to confront Yosef, for Clare’s sake, “because she’s had enough of her time wasted.”

  With the recommendation from other contestants, Tyler C. decided to confront Yosef about what he had heard, to which Yosef denied the claims, “Listen, I get what you’re saying,” he said, “I totally understand that but I don’t remember that.”

  In a private interview, Yosef explained “I don’t know what mini McConaughey is saying. I’m not here for high school drama…,” he said. “I can promise you one thing, nothing is going to get in the way of Clare and I enjoying this evening.”

  At the end of the night, Yosef got what he wanted: Tyler C. did not receive a rose and was among those sent home. 

  To no one’s surprise, Dale received the first-impression rose, which adds to the sentiment that there’s a good chance he will become Clare’s fiancee. There is an astounding track record of first-impression rose recipients who go on to be the winner of their seasons, so maybe Clare was right after all.

  In traditional Bachelorette premiere fashion, the show ended with a teaser to show viewers what to expect in the upcoming season. Some clips worth noting include: Clare saying that she found what she’s looking for, another contestant calling Dale “phony… fraudulent… artificial” and “fake”, someone alarmingly simply stating “Clare’s gone”, and host Chris Harrison telling Clare, “the path we’re on right now, it doesn’t end well for anybody. Congratulations, you’ve just blown up The Bachelorette.”


  All that and more on the upcoming season of The Bachelorette, airing Tuesdays at 8PM on ABC. You won’t want to miss it; in the infamous words of host Chris Harrison, it’s bound to be the “most-dramatic season ever.”