Paris Hilton rewrites her narrative and reveals the darkness behind the spotlight in her new documentary, “This is Paris”



Check out Paris Hilton’s documentary, “This is Paris”, now streaming on YouTube

  Paris Hilton: known as the “original influencer”, a booming business mogul, beloved reality TV star, and queen of the spotlight. Everyone knows her name because of her lavish lifestyle, but is she more than the glitz and glamour of the 90210?

  Recently, Hilton released a free documentary on YouTube to redefine her brand and expose herself to her fans. Entitled “This Is Paris”, the doc aims to show fans the ‘real’ Paris Hilton, and reveal how and why she cultivated the character the world thinks they know. Throughout the doc, Hilton aims to rewrite her image as the socialite who is “famous for being famous”, and shows herself in a new light: as a survivor and as an advocate.

  While the documentary shows Hilton’s lavish lifestyle, filled with jets, fashion, and events, at the heart of the documentary is the darkness behind the bright spotlight. 

   In the documentary, Hilton details her childhood trauma and how it shaped her into who she is, and who the world believes her to be. As a teenager, Hilton was sent to boarding school, and in the doc she explains the physical and emotional abuse that she endured while a student. The release of the documentary is the first time she has opened up to the world, or even to herself, about her childhood trauma. 

  The doc shows Hilton, visibly shaken and in distress, as she recounts the events of her childhood that still haunt her today. She details the night that she was ripped from her home in the middle of the night and taken to the boarding school that left her with so much unresolved trauma: Provo Canyon School in Utah. Hilton reveals that it was that institution where she was given unknown pills, endured beatings and mental abuse, and was put in solitary-confinement for lengthy periods of time. 

  At the end of the documentary, Hilton reunites with her classmates from Provo, and she asks them to join her in an anti-abuse campaign. The survivors agreed, and the women shot photos for a #BreakCodeSilence campaign. The campaign aimed to raise awareness for the physical and psychological abuse the women endured at that boarding school, as well as to prevent other children from ever knowing that kind of abuse. 

  After the release of the documentary, Paris tweeted: “She needed a Hero, so she became one. #BreakingCodeSilence”. With the documentary, Hilton has rewritten her narrative. She was candid with the world by revealing who she really is, and in doing so, she is raising awareness for survivors everywhere. In telling her story, she is encouraging others to tell theirs, and is amplifying the voices of other survivors. 

  For years, the world knew Paris Hilton as the reckless, ‘dumb-blonde’ socialite who was “famous for being famous”: living in mansions filled with glitz and glamour, wearing designer clothes, setting trends left and right, and having not a care in the world. 

  Today, she is seen as a survivor and an advocate, who has overcome her obstacles and has risen from the ashes. Today, Paris Hilton is a philanthropist and businesswoman, who has proven herself to be more than the world has painted her.

  At the beginning of the documentary, Paris says: “I created this brand and this persona and this character, and I’ve been stuck with her ever since,” and now, after years of putting on a facade, Hilton has given up the act. Now, she is ready to be her true self. She’s ready to be the real Paris Hilton.