BTS Stars on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon


Check out all five performances on The Tonight Show’s YouTube channel

The week of September 28th has certainly been eventful to say the least; whether the events were positive or negative is up to you to decide. From President Trump and Joe Biden’s unforgettable presidential debate to the president testing positive for COVID-19 just 3 days later, the week could certainly have used some positivity. 

   And reliable as always, international supergroup BTS lit up the week like dynamite by performing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon for five nights in a row. 

   Known for their diverse discography and intricate choreography, the members of BTS filled their performances with culture, passion, and a message of support during this time of uncertainty.

   Monday kicked off to a lively start with a performance of their 2018 cultural hit, “Idol”. Featuring traditional Korean instruments and African rhythms, the track paid homage to the Mid-Autumn Festival, or as Koreans call it, Chuseok. 

   Carrying the messages of self-love and positivity, the lyrics and energy were brought to life at the Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, South Korea in honor of this Asian holiday.

   On the night that followed, the members of BTS were back again, this time with their R&B, pop track “Home”. The group filmed in a grandiose looking house, and brought a homely and warm vibe while each member did everyday activities. In light of Covid-19 and a quarantine lifestyle by its side, this song expressed how home is with the loved ones who encompasses all of the love and positivity that a home needs.

   Wednesday night brought a more serious and dark side of their discography: “Black Swan” of their 2020 album, “Map of the Soul: 7”. Dancing like swans in a set design filled with stone arches and mythical vines, the members allowed the audience to take a glimpse at the fear in their souls. 

   What is this fear? The fear of losing their passion for music and performing, of becoming a swan with clipped wings. And this fear has become evident in so many people around the world this year, with their passions and professions in danger of disappearing before their very eyes. 

   This R&B ballad shed light on the current struggles around the world, and the internal struggles of what people might be feeling now.

   Thursday night featured a special performance from BTS with their performance of “Mikrokosmos”, the third track from the mini album, “Map of the Soul: Persona”. This song is a song of hope and light, in which the members hope to give to their fans and audience through its light harmonies and upbeat melodies. 

   BTS’s vocal range shined through from catchy rap melodies to high notes reaching an octave of F6 while standing on the iconic Gyeonghoeru pavilion in Seoul.

   In addition to their many performances, BTS also joined Jimmy Fallon for multiple interviews, and a new game dubbed the  “Zoom Olympics.” 

   On their final night on the Tonight Show, BTS skated in on their roller-skates performing their #1 hit song, “Dynamite”. Featuring a fun, disco-themed roller skating rink, the members performed their record breaking track with its light-hearted and energetic choreography.

   Ending with a message of positivity and hope, BTS brought back the disco-filled 70’s in just a few short minutes on October 2. 

   All videos and interviews are currently available on the YouTube channel of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon