How Politics Are Destroying the Lives of Future Generations


Staff Reporter, Mirabella Gibson, gives her take on how political views will take a toll on generations to come.

  From the beginning of time to the dawn of present light we are told as a society to live by the golden rule: treat others as you want to be treated. The saying goes for all stretches of the planet, all followers of the world, and all leaders who exemplify their meanings of the stated rule. 

  As civil unrest erupts through not only the wealthiest of countries, but of all continents of the world, the so-called golden rule is stretched to limitations of one, used without caution, and gives a more unflattering appeal when hesitated.

  Politics: one of the most controversial topics to avoid when speaking with a person beyond your beliefs. The fact that people avoid the use of political ideas to stop future arguments shows how divided a nation can be. 

  Try talking to a supporter of a deviated setting without running into a different train of thought on an issue.

  Parents reflect their own beliefs onto their children, about climate change or sexuality, for example. These children will use the argument made by their parents to prove a point against someone down the line; these children will use their parents’ mindset to further separate humanity. 

  Establishing and fulfilling the sense of argumentation for self satisfaction speaks wonders to how the future children of the world will see themselves in the mirror.

  A study published in the journal Child Psychiatry and Human Development suggests that children and teens are worried about political issues. In addition, the journal emphasizes the main worries teenagers have are taking up a huge chunk of stress in their lives. 

  Since many adults are mainly concerned with how their lives will push forward starting with the idea of money and power, in the shaded limelight is the topic of generations. 

  Imagine a conversation with the most intelligent, up-to-date human beings on Earth. 

  Those human beings know right from wrong: they understand past mistakes from ancestors. They are ultimately surrounded with a purely happy government. 

  This picture describes world peace: something most people would like to achieve one day. 

  The golden rule has served its purpose to conquer and destroy political mindsets. Division of nations is not present.

  Before trying to knock around the buttons of a brain machine, or nuzzle someone’s beliefs, remember how society will take a stance to try to continue the flow of separation.