The 2020 People’s Choice Awards: The ‘People’ Have Spoken!


Jennifer Lopez inspires viewers as she accepts the People’s Icon Award at the 2020 PCA’s

  On Sunday, November 15, the People’s Choice Awards aired on E!, giving fans all over the world the chance to cast their votes for their favorite artists in music, movies, TV and fashion. 

  Host Demi Lovato opened the show with a monologue dedicated to the ups and downs of this year, detailing her quarantine experience, and explaining why this award show is different from any other. Lovato said, “this is the only awards show decided entirely by the fans, so every winner was chosen by you.” She joked that they “made sure to count Pennsylvania’s votes first”. 

  Instead of a live audience, the screens behind Lovato were filled with screens from all around the world; hundreds of fans got to attend the award show virtually, and some even got to announce the night’s winners. However, all presenters and winners were there, in-person. 

  Now, onto the awards.

People’s Fashion Icon of 2020

  Tracee Ellis Ross was named 2020’s People’s Fashion Icon. Tyler the Creator, who presented her with the award, explained why she was so deserving: “Her color coordination is superb. Her silhouette is always on a tin. She knows her proportions. Her personality is so vivacious and rich, and seeps through everything that she does…  especially the way that she dresses.”

  During her quarantine, Ross had gone to Instagram to keep the fashion world alive. While most people’s quarantine consisted of comfortable clothes, Tracee Ellis Ross let her creativity run loose, putting together tons of outfits and sharing them with the world. For one of her out-of-the-box outfits, she wore a pillow (yes, a pillow), cinched at her waist with a belt. 

  In her acceptance speech, Tracee Ellis Ross thanked the designers of the world for letting her “inhabit [their] sublime creations”. She thanked her mother, Diana Ross, for introducing her to the world of fashion; she recalled stealing her mothers clothes as a child, and called her mother’s closet “the best fashion playground of all time”. 

  Wrapping up her speech, Ross explained that fashion is, and always has been, a way to express herself, saying, “I wear my insides on my outside.”

People’s Icon of 2020

  Jennifer Lopez was named the People’s Icon of 2020, and began her acceptance speech by reflecting on the year. She said, “Man, 2020 was no joke…” followed by some laughter and agreeing nods from the audience. 

  The icon reflected on how things that people were caught up on before, material things, didn’t matter anymore. She continued, “This year was a great leveler. It showed me what mattered and what didn’t… and reinforced what matters most: people, helping each other, loving each other, being kind to each other.”

  “I approach my work and my career the same way that I approach my life; I lead with love, I feel with my heart, and I always try to speak the truth…” she said, “ I do so with the purpose of bringing a little happiness, creating beauty, and inspiring others to do the same.”

  In the same vein of inspiration, she reflected on her past, giving little girls the opportunity to see themselves in her. She said, “From being a little girl and growing up in the Bronx to having the opportunity, the privilege, of performing on some of the biggest stages in the world, I’ve seen and have learned a lot… and I am still learning.”

  She spoke about her journey, getting to be where she is today: “As a Latina, and as a woman, [I’ve] sometimes had to work twice as hard to get the opportunities. Sometimes [the] big dreams I envisioned made people around me nervous.” She detailed how she was encouraged to shrink her dreams; she explained how people told her that she could not be multiple things. 

  She said, “People would say ‘you’re a dancer, you can’t be an actress,’ ‘you’re an actress, you want to sing?’ ‘you’re an artist, you won’t be taken seriously as a business woman’… and the more that they said I couldn’t, the more I knew that I had to.”

  She left viewers with astounding inspiration: “So now, here I stand, so very grateful, knowing that the true measure of my success is not in box office numbers, or records sold, but from the love that I feel from all of you… inspiring girls of all ages and all colors, from all around the world, to know that you can be anything you want. I want them to know their dreams are limited only by their imagination and determination, and willingness to never give up.”

Notable Category Winners  

  No stranger to award shows, Ellen Pompeo (Grey’s Anatomy) won Female TV Star of 2020. She thanked the people who support her, and said they are the reason why she gets to do what she does, and gets to live out her dream. But leading-lady Pompeo was not the only Grey’s Anatomy winner; the series itself won for TV Show of 2020, just after beginning their 17th season.

  Another longtime winner, Sofia Vergara (Modern Family) won Comedy TV Star of 2020. After 11 seasons of the beloved TV show winning countless awards, in her acceptance speech, Vergara explained why this win was special for her. She explained that this was the last award she would ever win for the series that had brought her so much joy. She dedicated the award to the entire cast and creative team of Modern Family. Vergara said, “I had the best time of my life [on the series].”

    Mandy Moore (This Is Us) won the twin category, Drama TV Star of 2020. Moore beat out stars like Ellen Pompeo (Grey’s Anatomy), Sandra Oh (Killing Eve), Chase Stokes (Outer Banks), and even her co-star, Sterling K. Brown (This Is Us). In This Is Us, Mandy Moore portrays her character, Rebecca Pearson, at all stages of her life; Moore’s ability to jump from a 30-something new mother to a woman in her mid-60’s with Alzheimer’s, all in one character, just goes to show how deserving she is of this award. 

For the ‘People’

  With over 40 different categories in Music, TV, Movies, Fashion, and Pop Culture, came many moving and inspirational speeches and lots of gratitude towards fans and supporters. The People’s Choice Awards is the show that gives fans all over the world the chance to vote for their favorite stars and a platform to voice their choice: the People’s Choice Awards is truly an award show for the ‘people’.