College App Season is Here, and Here are Some TikTokers Who Would Love to Help


Tik Tok has also become a platform where creators can share their college and SAT advice.

Covid-19 might’ve paused every high school activity except college applications. That’s right, seniors this fall probably have spent more time with their Common App applications than with their friends in eight months. Early Decision’s due date of November 1st has already passed, so now is the time to focus on the bulk of the college application process: preparing applications for the big date of January 1st.

   Applying for college is one of the most daunting challenges that young adults have to go through. But in light of complicated situations right now, many tutors and advisors have taken up platforms on Tik Tok, giving all sorts of advice in short, 60 second videos.

   Ranging from SAT tricks to helpful tips on college application essays, here are five TikTokers listed below, whose content is sure to brighten up those applications.

   First up is MIT senior Gohar Khan (@goharsguide), making videos to primarily help juniors and seniors in the college application process. One of his most popular subjects is his advice on college application essays. His videos include how to avoid essay cliches, how to write the “why us” college essay, and examples of effective essay introductions. Even extending his services to editing college essays, his page is the place to go to if you’re struggling with that common application essay.

   Gohar also posts helpful tips on how to get accepted at the prestigious Ivy Leagues. Receiving acceptance letters from multiple Ivy Leagues himself, he shares his own experiences of how he went through that journey. 

   Another TikToker who goes by the username of @embrace_tutoring promotes a private tutoring organization called Embrace Tutoring of New Jersey. Students can apply for private tutoring, college counseling, or SAT tutoring online. But on the Tik Tok account, they read the openings or closings of successful Ivy League essays, and provide advice on how to write an effective essay. 

   Moving more to the subject of SATs and ACTs, Dan (@danstestprep) provides his followers with multiple examples of the SAT math section. Going through each topic on the math section, he gives mini lessons on how to solve each type of question that you might see on the test.

   Giving quick and easy tips on how to solve a question in seconds, this account might be real helpful if you have an SAT test coming up. 

   Another TikToker who dominates the math section of standardized tests is @ludus_math, who specifically goes through each question on the math section of the SAT. 

   Showing one question per video, he thoroughly explains his own unique tactics and tricks on how to deal with that specific type of question.

   The final TikToker is Ivy Leaguer and college admissions officer Ryan (@ryan.choice). Scoring a perfect score on the SAT, Ryan posts common rules on the reading and grammar sections of the test. He gives tips on how to spend less time reading the long passages of the strenuous section, and important rules to remember when doing the grammar section. His channel is the place to go if the SAT reading section is an area that you struggle with. 

   Yes, being a junior and senior in high school might be extra difficult this year, but with the difficulties also come new ways to receive help. With Tik Tok being the most dominant social media app today, it’s an amazing opportunity to receive help with colleges and SAT. 

   All accounts can be found on TikTok, where these people are more than willing to help students explore the beginning of their college journey.