An Appreciation Letter

Dear Mrs. Johnson, 

This crazy yet stress free school year has finally come to an end. I have you to thank for such a wonderful time. My grades have never been better. My lovely A has been changed to an F. Of course the F stands for fun.

Pre Calc is nothing but fun. Many of my peers have complained about the significance of the unit circle. I do not share their hate for such a lovely tool. As far as I know I use it every day.

I work at Pizza Jones. My boss wouldn’t hire me until I knew exactly how to cut each slice of pizza in a pie. My perfection and accuracy have led to my promotion. Not only have I been promoted, but my tips have increased. Who knew customers really appreciate a perfect cut pizza. 

I think my extra zoom lessons have paid off. I had a meeting the other day. I believe my boss was explaining the new delivery requirements. I’m not really sure I was too invested in Snapfishes and Instafeed to listen. How would my boss even know? Thanks to you he wouldn’t even suspect my disinterest. I have mastered the concentration face, and if I don’t know the answer I respond with clever excuses. Here are some I used during your class: My mic isn’t working, what was that my dog was barking, or my wifi just crashed. Take note they’ll be very important on your next SGO. 

My time management and testing skills have never been better. I had to complete a weekly review for my job the other day. We have to fill one out every week. My boss explained it’s to see if we’re doing the job right. He only gave us 15 minutes to fill out a 25 question review. At first I was stressed out. How could I finish the review that fast? Each question would have to be answered in less than 0.6 seconds. My boss told us if we didn’t finish in time, we would receive 0 pay that week.

Then I remembered! I was prepared for such circumstances!

If I could finish an entire Pre Calc quiz in 10 minutes, then I could complete the review. I’m proud to announce I finished the review in 15 minutes and 30 seconds. Although my boss was not very happy with my late submission. He only gave me half of my paycheck that week. I was okay with that, because the previous week I received 0 pay. 

I’m just writing this to let you know I really enjoyed your class. You’re doing a great job. I applied so much of what I’ve learned in your class to real life. I scored my first job. and I’m doing amazing (besides my low review grades).

Hey if I passed your class based solely on homework and note grades then I’ll be okay. Thanks again for everything you do! Live, love Pre Calc. 

P.S. Come to Pizza Jones this week for a 10% discounted perfectly sliced pizza.

Only this week, pretty sure I’m getting fired. 


Your Favorite Student, 

Emma Smith