A Morning in the Life of a Senior: Can I Just Dream in Bed?

This narrative was written in September 2020.

Bzzzzzzzz! Bzzzzzzzz! Bzzzzzzzz!

  The sound of my alarm clock awakened me, as I turned to see what time it was.

  8:00 A.M.

  Though Anatomy began in thirty minutes, I decided to get out of bed and get ready for my Zoom calls. Though my heart told me to get out of bed, I stayed because of how cozy my blanket was. The snugness of the large piece of woolen was so effective that I fell right back to sleep. 

  While asleep, I dreamt about Eastern Regional High School.

  The “penitentiary”, as I secretly call it, looked the same from outside. When I walked inside, it looked the same as usual. For some reason, an arrow appeared in front of me and directed me towards the cafeteria. Without any thought, I followed the arrow and ended up at the senior cafe.

  Upon entering, the lights went off and I was puzzled. Before I could say or do something, a luminous figure appeared in front of me. The light was so bright that I couldn’t decipher what the object was. After a couple of seconds just staring at the object, I slowly tiptoed towards the figure.

  As I tiptoed, the lights suddenly went back on and the figure stopped giving off light. As I glanced at the figure, I was utterly shocked when I saw my own head. I panicked, as I tried to touch the head that was attached to my own body. But just as I was trying to touch my head, the lights went off again. I tried to run back to the door, but they were locked and I was stuck inside the senior cafeteria.

  As I pondered about what to do about my predicament, the lights went back on. I felt a lot of things — confused, frightened, jittery, and even a little hungry. Before I had anytime to sit in one of the cafeteria chairs and think about what was going on, a siren went off. 

  Waaaaaahhhhhhh. Waaaaaahhhhhhh. Waaaaaahhhhhhh.

  I knew something was going on, so I sprinted towards the windows and tried to jump through them. As I jumped, the windows transformed into a solid brick wall. Because of my momentum, I couldn’t stop and I comically jumped into the wall. I landed on my back, knowing that I probably broke a bone. In agonizing pain, I got back up and scouted the cafeteria for a way out. Mysteriously, the back doors were open.

  Reminiscing about what just happened, I carefully walked towards the doors. Just as I was about to leave the senior cafeteria, something was flung at my back. As the thing landed on my back, it started to heat up. The longer it stuck to my back, the hotter my back became. I tried to grab whatever was on my back, but no matter how hard I pulled, it wouldn’t come off.

  Instantly, the unspecified item vanished from my back. Rather than reasoning about what just happened, I dashed towards the back doors. To be safe, I held my elbows over my head when I advanced toward the doors. To my shock, I escaped this time and I thought that my troubles were over.

  Then out of nowhere, my head materialized in front of me. It stuck its tongue out and soared towards the parking lot. Luckily for me, my head wasn’t the fastest thing alive and I was easily able to catch up to it. When I was right next to my head, I grabbed it and tried to put it back on myself. My head wouldn’t go without a fight, as it tried to get out of my grasp.

  When I put my head on, my alarm woke me up…again.

  8:30 A.M.

  Time for school.