First Day with Biden



The President and Vice President have been busy from their first day in office.

January 20th was the presidential inauguration, welcoming President Joe Biden and VP
Kamala Harris into office. It was a day for Donald Trump to pass along his position to the next
leader of the country for the next four years. Not only was this a special day because Trump was
no longer our President, but also special because Kamala Harris became the very first black
woman to assist in leading the country as Vice President. On this very day, Joe Biden was sworn
into office and got to work immediately after. Biden wasted no time and decided to put the works
into action, making necessary changes to the country.
Biden began his first day of presidency with continuing the pause on student loan payments.
This will aid Americans in their struggles with hefty student loans and keep the federal student
loan payment interest rate at 0%. In the process of aiding Americans, he has also extended
eviction moratorium through March 31st, preventing landlords from pushing lower income
families out of their homes during a pandemic.
In addition, he rejoined the Paris climate agreement, which is designed to avert global warming.
Also, Biden puts an end to the travel ban on several Muslim majority countries—“The U.S. was
built on a foundation of religious freedom and tolerance” he declared. One of Biden’s additional
top priorities which he committed to protect was the DACA program also known as the Deferred
Action for Childhood Arrivals. He boosted the DACA program established by Barack Obama for
young immigrants known as ‘dreamers’ who needed protection against deportation. Non U.S. citizens also will considerably be counted in the census, reversing Donald Trump’s policy of excluding
unauthorized immigrants.
The Biden administration renewed their support with the World Health Organization which
Trump largely pulled back from. In addition to the topic of health, Biden implemented a mask
mandate as a part of his plan to combat the pandemic. Masks are required on federal property,
airports, on buses, trains and planes. In the extension to complying with people with comfort in
the U.S, Biden expanded protections for LBGTQ Americans. During the Obama-Biden
administration, they had been largely in support of the LBGTQ community and their protection.
In May of 2012, he discussed marriage equality on ‘Meet the Press’ mentioning that “every
human being should be treated with respect and dignity and be able to live without fear no matter
who they are or who they love”.
In acts of developing more equity and equality, Biden acts to advance racial equity and support
for underserved communities through the federal government. Biden’s administration looks to
create opportunities for the improvement of communities that have been historically underserved
which is beneficial for all people to reach their full potential.
This largely extensive list of things Biden has put into the works is only a beginning of what
he and the Vice President, Kamala Harris, has for the United States of America. It is safe to say
that although we didn’t have the best picks for this presidency, Biden has put forth his efforts
early to display his goal of bettering our country. As a member of this country, I look forward to
the future engagements of Biden and his administration.