What is the meaning of life?


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How would you describe the meaning of life?

 Sometimes it’s difficult to comprehend how complex this universe is and the amount of possibilities each of us have during our existence. It’s easy to get caught up in your thoughts when you think about how many people are currently living at the same moment as you and how we are all trying to figure out our purpose in the grand scheme of the world. 

   What are we actually all supposed to be doing, is there even a purpose? Here are some reasons why the universe is so amazing and full of greatness, even if there isn’t a specific meaning of life.

   There’s so much beauty to find, and places yet untouched by one’s memory. You haven’t touched the dew atop petals beaming with the color of life, haven’t tasted the ranging flavors of juice gifted from various fruits, you haven’t seen the sun paint the sky as it departs its warmth temporarily and begins to embrace the coolness of night.

   Beauty is everywhere, waiting to be discovered. It is found in people. It is spotted on the street from a random stranger, or even found in the glimpses you take of yourself in your mirror. It is in everything. 

   The power of connection and creation is found in you. It is found in the stories you hear about various experiences of all sorts. It is found in the relationships you make. It is found within the stories you make and share with others.   

   You are able to make so many relationships in this lifetime with people of all histories and stories. Within your fingertips is the potential to express your story from the art you create. Don’t bound yourself by the illusion of doubt, there is a unique power within you. Don’t underestimate how much you are able to create on this earth with what you are given. 

   The feeling of being free should be considered the meaning of life. The sense of freedom like a breeze gently pushing and pulling you to new opportunities. It’s a feeling that’s so beautiful and powerful, a feeling that is experienced so many times in life, yet never experienced enough. It’s something people thrive to feel their entire life, and you should too. It is excitement itself.

   In a way, you might choose to think that this life has no meaning and that’s okay, if anything that mindset makes you more free. There is no specific set of rules when you come into the world, except that you must create your own. You are in charge of your own life and how you want to live it, and that is absolutely amazing. 

   You are given the freedom to set as many goals as you want, live them out or let them go, and just make the most of the time you have on this planet. Life sways you back and forth like a gentle wave, one day at a time. I think we forget how simple life can be. It all depends on your perspective. 

   The meaning of life can be finding a passion worth living for. It’s an absolutely beautiful feeling and experience to figure out what you love more than anything else in the world and committing to that love. It’s when that breeze of freedom allows you to fly.

   You might live for art, music, relationships, success, helping others, or nature. There’s so many things that make this life worth living. However, it’s up to you to figure that out. When you do find that something that makes everything so worth it and enjoyable, stay close to those feelings and the warmth it gives you. 

   There’s meaning in life when you know that you can change it’s path at any moment. Nothing in this life is permanent. This ideal will push you to try new things, embrace the mistakes, and remember that everything is temporary no matter what you do. 

   If you ever begin to feel lost and stuck in a certain point of your life, it’s hard to realize that you are in charge of changing your own path, but once you do, the amount of directions in life is endless. Don’t let yourself be held back because of the restrictions you place against yourself, you will regret it. 

   Try new things, go new places, and meet new people. You are in charge of your life, now start living and accept change, even if it seems scary at first. Build the courage to allow that breeze to take you places you thought you’d never see.

   You are in charge of what life means to you, and that’s what makes it so extraordinary and unique to every individual. Every day offers you new challenges, intriguing inspiration, fresh opportunities, unique sights, and lasting memories. 

   No one knows what they are doing in life, that’s why it seems so difficult sometimes. But the reality is, you can choose what you want to do. Every. Single. Day. There is no routine to follow if you are living each day at a time without a checklist. Life becomes much more enjoyable and stress-free when you stop worrying about the details and appreciate what comes to you. 

   The meaning to you might be to make others and yourself happy. Happiness is the best feeling in the world. It has a warmth unlike any other. It comes in so many forms and from so many people, places, and things. 

   It’s absolutely beautiful how many ways you can feel it throughout the day. Whether that be from finding a penny on the floor, seeing your mother smile, accomplishing a small goal for yourself, or admiring something you’ve never seen before.    

   People are truly mesmerizing, so many different smiles, laughs, and faces on this earth that you have yet to discover. Happiness is one of the most rewarding parts of existence that makes life worth living. 

   There’s so many meanings of life. Existing is good enough for people, laying in the grass under the sun with your eyes closed. To just feel, to feel everything, the good and the bad, to learn from it and grow.

   To experience life and feelings. The golden hour on a mountain with a view. The smell of the grass in the summer when you open your window. The comfort in knowing the meaning of life is in the moments you make of it. The ability to make a difference in the world or in someone’s life. The excitement in understanding the vast potential of life from exploration of the world and its inhabitants, and the person living it: you. To love and to be loved. To do stuff for fun. To gain knowledge. 

What do you think the meaning of life is?