The Power of the Ocean

Brigantine has the best waves!


Jenna Preston

Washed-up shells were all along the coast, and the sun peeked through the white clouds onto my skin.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen the beach completely empty. The waves rolling in are gray, matching the tone of the sky, which lacks any blue pigment. Gusts of wind blow the salty air towards the shore, bringing particles of sand sticking to my face and clothes. 

Seagulls typically found tormenting others or pecking at food left by people on the beach are nowhere to be found. Farther out along the coast, a small sailboat is bobbing up and down on the water perfectly in sync with the wicked waves. A few droplets fall rhythmically onto me as the light rain begins. As the wind blows with more speed and the rain descends thicker, the waves move more vigorously, rocking that once peaceful boat into an uncontrolled cycle. 

All at once, the beach underwent a complete change in pace as the storm ceased. Up in the dull, downhearted sky, the big storm clouds seemed as if they were only going to expand bigger across the entire sky. A dark cast took over the whole beach, casting a cheerless shadow over me. The afternoon sun fully dissolved into the clouds, nowhere to be recognized. 

The dark clouds started to wither away with time, allowing the sun to illuminate over the sand again. Gradually, the waves retreat to their once calm beat, like a soft song compared to the uproar a few moments ago. A glowing rainbow appears over the horizon like a beautifully painted landscape, a sight that seemed perfect to behold. The colors brought back all of the beauty of the sky to the once depressing setting.

Washed-up shells were all along the coast, and the sun peeked through the white clouds onto my skin. In a few hours, the beach would return to normalcy with smiling children burrowing into the sand and diving into the waves. 

No one would know about the turmoil this ocean just overcame because all of the beauty was restored in little time. That’s what is so mysterious about the beach. No matter what mess washes up to the seashore or darkness overtakes the sky, it always retreats back to that dream state when the sun comes back out.