The Inside Look of Chowansky

Personality Profiles

Matt Chowansky gives us an inside look into his life in our short but prosperous interview, giving it the description of “Fun, crazy, and growing.

“Our lives are constantly changing as we grow older, especially mine,” Matt Chowansky said. “There aren’t necessarily just three big words I could’ve used to describe my life, so this is mine in its simplest yet understandable form.”

He lives life to the fullest and hopes to accomplish his dreams. Matt’s career holds a large weight in his life. He says, “I hope to maintain a healthy relationship with my family and achieve success throughout life and the path I choose to go down.”

As most people dream as well, success is highly favorable to Matt. Without success, he feels as though he wouldn’t be accomplishing anything he longs to do. He further exclaims that “It’s almost like it would be my entire purpose in life to be successful, but that isn’t all of what I’m made of.”

Everyone has their own purpose in life, and all of our paths are bound to be different. Matt pertains to his purpose of life to be: “making myself and others that I surround myself with happier every day.”

He is very much a people person. He wants to be the one who makes his people proud of his accomplishments which boosts his self-happiness also.

Chowansky proceeds to reflect on himself expressing how he is an—“open-person, not necessarily one to hold things in and choose not to share amongst anyone.”

This is a valuable trait to have as a person and most importantly a growing young man in life.

Continuing to reflect amongst himself and his previous path Matt went on to say: “I went through a phase where I wish I had more focus.”

Although I don’t regret much, I wish I paid more attention during my freshman year of high school.”