What Show Will Fill the Game of Thrones Void?

HBO is passing the torch to the Max Original Succession, a family/business drama partially based off of the Murdochs. 


Timur Markowitz

Succession is bound to take Game of Thrones’ place as THE show.

 The Golden Age of Television. The new age started by The Sopranos was one with much more funding going to television and much less restrictions for what could be placed on network and cable television. As a result of this, there has been a major change in the way people watch television.

 Since then, there has always been THE show.

     THE show is the one that everybody watched, and the one everybody constantly berated you for not watching. First, it was The Sopranos, kickstarting the age of the antihero, and then came Breaking Bad. After that came the most recent, Game of Thrones, yet there has not been a replacement for Game of Thrones since it ended in 2019. 

     So, have streaming wars killed the Golden Age? Or have we merely been awaiting a new show that has yet to reveal itself? While there are many different opinions on what THE show will be, the next great show is not only already ongoing, but additionally comes from a streaming service. 

     Though this year was a lackluster one for the Emmys, there will still be many different shows starting up again in the near future. The one that will take the throne that Game of Thrones left behind? HBO is passing the torch to the Max Original Succession, a family/business drama partially based off of the Murdochs. 

     The show’s slow but good first season was followed by an excellent second season, which won the Emmy for best drama a few years ago. There is an excellent cast, and great writers who ensure that the show never becomes melodramatic like many of its competitors. Though Succession did not find the popularity it deserves in its second season, I believe the cliffhanger at the end will have people watching the upcoming season three premiere. 

     This show is both satirical and shocking, alternating between hilariousness and sadness. And finally, who doesn’t love a good dysfunctional family drama? While I originally began watching in anger as a result of this show winning the Emmy over Better Call Saul, I was surprised by the plot twists, character development, and distinct aesthetique I had just watched.

     During this upcoming season, we will see if Succession is victorious in becoming THE show, or whether it falters and the Golden Age of Television has been killed. I wait in anticipation for the upcoming season.