An Adventure To Say The Least

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November 23, 2021

  The first week of school was an adventure,  to say the least. This is the first time being back in a school since the pandemic started, for many, including myself. It is also my freshman year, so I’m trying to figure out where everything is. 

  Things have been pretty smooth sailing so far, although it has been quite the adjustment to wake up at 5:30. Other than that, things have been going alright. 

  Waking up on the first day was a bit of a struggle. I’m not used to waking up so early. School starts at 7:30, and the bus comes at 6:30, so I am still getting used to that. I got lost a few times and was late to a few of my classes, but teachers understood. I like all of my teachers so far, but that might change as the year goes on. I have a few classes with my friends and I have lunch with my friends which is good. 

The second day of school didn’t start as easily as the first. I overslept and almost missed my bus. Thankfully, I was able to call my best friend and she made sure I didn’t. 

 My hair was a mess, and I left without breakfast, but I made it. Journalism and Photography have quickly become my favorite classes. I enjoy everything about them: writing and taking pictures.

 They were rough, but the first few days were a success. I’ve now found my classes, met up with my friends and figured out the chaotic lunch situation. So far high school has been quite the adventure.