How can art students learn more about diversity?

Olivia Marcantuono
Art students work on their portrait pieces.

Olivia Marcantuono

Art students work on their portrait pieces.

Art at Eastern High School has always been impressive, and has consistently shown so much detail. But the art classes at Eastern haven’t always shown inclusivity and diversity. As a whole, we should be striving to make pieces that represent inclusivity and diversity. 

   Since this month is Hispanic heritage month, the school could have the art kids create art pieces, or make a tapestry or mural to celebrate Hispanic heritage and any other kind of heritage. This would also apply to events like pride month and suicide prevention month. 

   As a school that is supposed to be inclusive and diverse with their students, there hasn’t been a lot of diversity throughout the school except for the flags in the media center and main entrance. 

   We should be able to create a mural, big or small, for inclusivity and diversity. In months like Hispanic heritage month, we could make an art piece or mural about what makes up Hispanic heritage and what defines their past. 

   On the eastern website, it states, “physically, students are protected within a safe school environment where respect for the individual and an appreciation of diversity are of utmost importance.” That doesn’t seem to be the case when the only kind of diversity in the school are flags. 

   As a community we should be showing our diversity everywhere. And as administration it is their duty to show diversity and inclusivity to all the students to make them feel like their school truly values how diverse it’s students are.

   After a poll was taken, 100 % of students who were asked, “would you like to see more diversity in eastern art?” Answered yes. 

   One student’s response was, “I truly believe that it’s important to represent how diversity is important and how it’s ok to be different.”

   “It’s a problem here especially. Nobody believes in diversity and so many people are afraid of being different.” 

   After a second poll was taken, adults were asked “would you like to see more diversity in eastern art?” All of them answered yes and that they’d want to see more diversity in their students’ school.

   When a former student of eastern was presented this same question they found it interesting as to why there is not more diversity in a school that claims to be diverse. Now they are working on sending guidance letters on why their art should be more inclusive and diverse.