Eastern Girls Volleyball – Senior Season


Dawn Betner

The seniors on the girls’ volleyball team have formed long-lasting bonds through thick and thin.

Senior year is an emotional year for all students and student-athletes. For the classes of 2021 and 2022, it’s even harder because their last two years were altered due to Covid-19 and quarantine. However, Eastern’s Senior Volleyball players are making the best of it all, both on and off the court. 

Some of these girls have known each other since before their years at Eastern, and others have formed a bond through playing together at Eastern.. Seven of eight of these seniors have played on varsity for the past two years, and they all have great things to say about the Eastern Volleyball program. The setter, Erin Pagenkopf, says that she “loves [her] team and the game”. Libero Brianna Dutterer said “I like the funny moments we have as a team and how we support each other”. 

If you are an athlete who hasn’t joined an Eastern sport, Naomi Smith recommends that you“stick with your sport, high school might be your last opportunity to play”. Even if you don’t join a sport, you can join other clubs, and “Live in the moment, high school goes by fast!” in the words of Liv Deol. A piece of advice for all underclassmen from Maekhi Yarbrough to help you survive your high school years, “It is what you make it. If you are having a boring day, find the smallest thing that’s fun and blow it up to make it spectacular. It goes by fast, so just enjoy the moment and hope for the future. Make the best decisions you can to benefit yourself in the long run.” 

As for advice for the class of 2023, the girls recommend staying on top of your studies. “It’s going to be tough. reach out for help if you need it, there is nothing more inspiring than your friends and family seeing you succeed,” says outside hitter, Kaitlin Devlin. 

All of the girls look to attend some sort of college for a variety of majors, such as cosmetology, sports medicine, and history. 

The girls would like to give shoutouts to:

Erin Pagenkopf – her family and teammates

Naomi Smith – her parents and Coach Armour

Liv Deol – her family and teammates

Brianna Dutterer – her sister for getting her into volleyball

Maekhi Yarbrough – her mom, because she helped her through the tough times of high school

Jaclyn Nyce – her family, friends, teammates, and coaches for always supporting her

Adrianna Genovese – her parents and middle school gym teacher, Mrs. Caruso for getting her into volleyball

Kaitlin Devlin – her mom for always helping her get through tough times