Does Eastern Need Lockers?


Timur Markowitz

Do Eastern students really need lockers? A recent poll suggests they don’t.

Lockers have been a major part of high school for as long as one can remember; they are in almost every teen show or movie, regardless of when or where they take place. However, in Eastern Regional High School, a majority of students have elected not to use their lockers due to how much of an inconvenience they are. The Voyager staff conducted a poll of 103 Eastern students on whether lockers are necessary. Only 11.7% of students choose to use their lockers on a daily basis, despite 53.4% of students knowing where their lockers are located.

  Some students do not even know their locker numbers or locker codes due to the low frequency at which they are used. In fact, only 35% of students know their locker combinations and 62.1% of students have never even opened their lockers. 

With more activities moving online, the concept of taking notes in a notebook or having a folder used for more than one occasional paper a week is alien to most students. As a result, folders, binders, and notebooks have been rendered partially useless.

  Most work is on the iPad, making lockers less of a necessity. The minimal paper work assigned to students does not take up much room, and fits in a backpack. Now, it seems as though lockers have no real use apart from wasting space in small hallways. Only 23.5% of students think lockers are necessary, while 74% say they would prefer if space taken up by lockers was used alternatively.

  Backpacks enable people to bring their supplies from class to class without using their lockers, and the commodities that lockers offer do not outweigh the inconveniences they possess. While the ECCRSD Pupil Right of Privacy Agreement guarantees that students have lockers and desks for storage, this was a rule created in 2003, far before the use of iPads became commonplace for students in school. Lockers are less necessary than they once were as educational institutions become less dependent on paper.

  These numbers show the ways in which students no longer require lockers at school, due to the inconvenience of being late outweighing the positives of having a storage space for supplies.