Teaching: A Profession That Deserves More Respect



Students are courteous to their teacher, something that’s hard to find during post-Covid times.

 As a child, I was taught the importance of teachers before I even entered a classroom. My parents have been teaching for as long as I can remember, and they were always hard at work, constantly laboring and creating lessons for their students.

   This inside look into how hard teachers work gave me a lot of respect for them. They shape young people’s lives, and teach the people who will go into the important jobs that the world needs. I have had countless teachers who have influenced me and made me the person I am today.

   Teaching is incredibly important and is arguably one of the most laborious careers. Teachers are tireless, putting their heart and soul into the lessons they teach. It’s honestly quite remarkable seeing all of the work they put for their students.

   With all of the work, time, and energy they put into their job, you would assume that teachers would be as respected as doctors. But unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Many students are blatantly disrespectful to their teachers, talking down to them for simply doing their job.

   This relationship between students and teachers has always existed, but has become even more prevalent in the past year. The dynamic between teachers and students has been warped because of virtual schooling. In-person school has become a weird balance of technology and traditional learning techniques, and students now have the temptation to grab their phones at any given second due to their habits during online classes last year. 

   Virtual schooling also gave students a certain sense of entitlement. Instead of respecting their teachers’ decisions and completing their schoolwork when they were told, many students were able to bargain their way into passing a class by getting an angry parent to email their teacher. This gave the students the power to manipulate their teachers into giving them unnecessary time on assignments. 

   The teacher-student power dynamic has returned to normal, but students don’t have the same respect for teachers as they used to. They constantly argue, thinking that maybe if they can yell loud enough they can persuade the teachers into changing the rules in their favor. This is not the case anymore.

   Teachers deserve just as much respect as a doctor, a lawyer, or a parent. Their jobs require an extreme amount of work in order to prepare their students to go into the world. They don’t get paid enough for all they do for us.

   So, after reading this article, give your teachers some slack! They are trying their best to get their students back into the swing of the traditional school year, and they deserve a lot more respect than they are given.