Should Winter Break be in February?


Timur Markowitz

It makes no sense that we have a break in the middle of the first semester; having one in between the end of the first and the beginning of the second would be a great way for students to recharge.

Christmas is a holiday that often alienates those who do not celebrate it. For those of other religions or those who do not celebrate it, Christmas is just boring or empty. Hanukkah this year was extremely early, being just after Thanksgiving, yet schools close only for Christmas. 

  Apart from showing a major discrepancy in the school districts’ views on Christmas versus Hanukkah, late December is a poor time for there to be a break. Having winter break towards the end of the first semester, yet still leaving a month before the semester’s grades are finalized, means that teachers’ lesson plans are unnecessarily interrupted. Certain other states, such as Massachusetts, New York, and Maine, have an additional “February Break,” which lasts for approximately one week, for the purpose of mentally recharging and calming down before the second semester.

  Rather than having ten days off for winter break, a smarter placement for a break would be at the very end of January to February. This break would hypothetically be in between semesters, allowing students to recharge after the end of the first semester and prepare themselves for the second semester. To have a break right as the end of the semester approaches is illogical and unnecessary, as there are better times for it to be placed.

   Rather than have over a week off for Christmas (and Kwanzaa), it would be far more effective to have a four day weekend such as the one schools have for Thanksgiving. This allows students to join their families for Christmas if they celebrate, while still not hindering their education through interrupting it in the midst of the end of the first semester.

  Winter break interrupts teachers’ lesson plans, showing the harms of the current placement, as it stops teachers in the middle of their lessons and allows students to forget what they have recently learned. Having nearly two weeks of break merely for one holiday is unnecessary and ludicrous, especially when having this break at another time would be beneficial to students and teachers alike.