Dexter: New Blood Doesn’t Disappoint


Timur Markowitz

Dexter’s return to the air after eight long years doesn’t disappoint.

 Dexter fans are delighted, as the long-missed serial killer has returned to the silver screen after eight long years. While the original ending of Dexter left much to be desired, fans unhappy with the unsatisfactory finale finally get to revisit the series in Dexter: New Blood. Fans can hope for an ending that will finally make them whole, as the Dark Passenger has returned to Dexter in a new winter landscape reminiscent of Fargo.

  Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and with an excellent IMdB score of 8.9, the series revival is adored by critics and audiences alike. Dexter’s reemergence is welcome, as it’s been a return to form for the series, with the level of writing and acting representing the show at its best. It is a beautiful character study of a truly horrifying person.

  The television series not only focuses around Dexter hiding his crimes, but a second serial killer, revealed in the fourth episode to be the father of Matt Caldwell, as well. While this makes the short ten episode miniseries lose some of its focus, it’s entertaining nonetheless. The flaws of this series are greatly outweighed by its positives, considering how well made this season is proving to be. With interesting twists and turns, it has reminded fans of why they love both the show and the genre.

  It could be argued that the age of the serial killer television show has ended, yet this season proves to be just as popular as the original, and the popularity is well deserved considering the high level of writing and acting. The season can be imperfect at times, yet its excellence is inarguable. The long awaited season does not disappoint, and while some storylines will not be as loved as others, no one can argue with the appeal of watching Dexter Morgan cover up his many horrifying crimes. Endlessly entertaining, undeniably horrifying, and amazingly enjoyable, this new season lives up to the show’s high expectations.

  While the new season is mixed at times, it is truly a return to the television series fans love, and a reasonable hope is that it will create a more satisfying ending than the original. 


Rating: 4/5