A Leo’s Guide To: The Fire Signs

Izzie Halim

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In the latest zodiac series, Izzie discusses the characteristics of the Fire signs

Fire signs known for their drive, passion and loyalty. All very admirable traits and great things to be known for. Although those are great, I personally think that they should be known for the fact that One Direction formed on the first day of Leo season, or the fact that Reese Witherspoon herself is an Aries. A few legends that all just happen to fall as fire signs.

 July 23 and August 22, the summer birthdays: the lion and the Leo. Leo’s name is derived from the Latin word for lion; that’s why everywhere else in the world, the sign is just lion. Like lions, leos are brave and natural leaders. They are also very compassionate and fearless. They know how to read people and love helping others in any way they can. Leos also can be complete hopeless romantics that’ll cancel all their plans just to watch rom-coms. 

  March to April share the sign of Aries. Aries season starts March 21 and ends April 19th. Aries, like Leo, has an animal to represent them: the ram. Like Leo and every zodiac sign, the name is derived from Latin. Aries are very ambitious and not afraid to speak their mind. They are also brave and have a natural sense of leadership. 

  The last sign of the fire signs is Sagittarius. Their season starts on November 22 which just so happens to be model Hailey Bieber’s birthday. As each zodiac season lasts a month, Sagittarius season ends on December 21 which is Outer Banks star Madelyn Cline’s birthday. Sagittariuses, like Leos and Aries, are leaders; they are also incredibly loyal and assertive. They love freedom and are very optimistic people. 

   Aries are extremely brave as are the other fire signs. They all have this energy that people are drawn to, which is great but it also means Aries can be a bit bossy and stubborn. Sagittarius in particular is the most stubborn out of the fire signs, specifically when it comes to admitting they’re wrong where they can also be very impulsive and reckless. Sagittarius can also be very blunt, judgemental, and sometimes very careless. Leos also can be a bit impulsive. They also tend to have a hard time saying no to people and things they don’t want to do and they don’t know how to take advice. When it comes to the advice they give others, they often don’t apply the advice to themselves. These signs have too much pride and refuse to admit when they’re hurting emotionally or physically. 

   Leos are very stubborn, loud, and outgoing people. They need people around them that will balance them out. That is why they are most compatible with Aries, Sagittarius, Libras and Geminis. Aries and Sagittartius are very compatible with each other and Fire and Air signs are similar so Leos, Geminis, Aquarius and Sagittartius are compatible with Libras. The fire signs also have the signs that they’re not compatible with. All three signs aren’t compatible with Capricorns, Leo and Aries aren’t compatible with Cancer, and Leo and Sagittarius usually don’t get along with Virgo and Aries, unlike Leo and Sagittarius who are not compatible with Libras.

   The fire signs can be a bit busy and have a loud personality but they always mean well and never mean to hurt anybody. They try to come off strong and independent but most of the time they’re just big teddy bears that want a hug. So don’t be too hard on your friendly neighborhood fire sign because they won’t be huggable teddy bears anymore.