Male SA Victim Awareness


Marcela Torres/

No means no no matter the gender.

     Sexual assault is an unforunate action that happens globally to any person regardless of their age, sexual orientation, race, or gender. Legally, sexual assault is an occurence where sexual contact or activity is proceeded without consent. How a situation can be deemed a sexual assault or even rape depends on the state which all have different laws. Sexual assault can happen at any given time with any person. It could be a stranger, acquaintance, friend, significant other, or even a family member. 

     Even though anyone can get sexually assaulted, society has gotten accustomed to hearing these stories from females, so when males speak up about their experiences, it doesn’t get the same response as the female experiences do. The problem that many men face is the “weakness” that comes with admitting your experience. 

     Stereotypically, men are said to be strong and tough enough to protect themselves and others without the help of their surrounding peers. So, when they try to express feelings that don’t match these toxic masculinity traits, they are seen as weak and sissy, which is a very hurtful offensive word meant to translate that they act too girly or unlike their “true” nature.

     This ties into the self blame that can be implemented in the victims’ mindsets. Victims may blame themselves for not being strong enough to defend themselves and will feel weak or disgusted in themselves. They may also be strayed to think that their actions led them to be sexual assaulted.

     This, however, is a very dangerous and wrong mindset to have. No victim, no matter the gender, should be blamed or blame themselves for actions that were committed by an individual who violated their personal space and rights .

      The lack of talk of male sexual assault experiences may affect those who may not know how to handle the emotions they’re going through after being in similar situations. Denial is not an uncommon thought to have after someone has been sexual assaulted. Since there aren’t lots of male SA stories out to the public, newer victims might label their experience as an impossible occurrence that happened. Many victims also struggle to comprehend their own experience and completely avoid thinking about it or learn to heal from it.

     When many people talk about their sexual assault, society sometimes automatically assumes that the perpetrator is a male. The fault in this mindset is the distrust it causes to men who have been sexual assaulted by women. This distrust causes men to be afraid to speak up and the fear of not being heard. When women get sexaully assaulted, they get told that they should be grateful that they were desired by someone and got some “game.” The same thing is also said to men.

     Fear of being told of as gay submits another issue of shame in men when they include that their perpetrator was their own sex. Studies have gathered from the sexual assault stories out that a majority of men who were assaulted and the perpetrator are hetersexual. Hetersexual men who sexually assault other men do it to feel a greater control and power than they get when they abuse women. 

     Erection and ejaculation is often seen as a slight consent given by the victim. This causes confusion to happen within the victim because their mind was saying no but their sex organs were sayng yes. However, male sexual studies have said that involutary erections or ejaculation can happen in nonconsexual sexual activity. This also causes the medical community and justice systems to misunderstand the situations and label them as voluntary. 

     One of the most recent sexual assault stories that many Gen-Z kids have heard about is the Sienna Mae and Jack Wright situation. Sienna and Jack are best known as social media influencers and Tiktokers. Both are currently 18 years old. To the public, they seemed to be two kids that were enjoying each other’s company. Many people even started assuming that the pair were dating.

     However in May 2021, a mutual friend of the pair tweeted about the sexual assault and how people shouldn’t idolize or support Sienna. He also tweeted about how he was worried about Jack. This obviously caused problems for both teens as their followers, their age and up, of Tik Tok went to take sides. Arguments that are often brought to social media cause people to side with one of the people involved. This, however, is not appropriate for this issue since this is a big, untalked about situation. Both teens have sent out statements to the public and it is still unknown if a case will be filed.

     Sexual assault affects the victim gravely and is not a topic to take lightly. The consequences of this action can cause the victim to become depressed, the feeling of helplesness, sexual dysfunction, anxiety attacks, etc. If you know someone who has been sexualy assaulted, please reach out to them and be there whenever they want to fully talk about the situation. Be patient with the victims and remember that the victim will probably never be 100% the same person prior to the occurence of the situation.